Thursday, December 13, 2012

Stupid writing,

If you ever find yourself stuck in the middle of the sea,
I'll sail the world to find you
If you ever find yourself lost in the dark and you can't see,
I'll be the light to guide you

I turned off my new brand MP3 player, a gift that was given by my father as I got the highest score for my last month exam. A playlist that full with Bruno Mars’s songs always accompanied me whenever I felt lonely. I took off my earphone that stuck in my ears for the past few hours and took a deep breath.

Fresh snow blanketed the Sky Mountain High School, the snowflakes sparkling in the sun. The sky was a bright, clear blue. The air was crisp and smelled like a pine. I walked to school alone while other students were in group, busy laughing with each other. You can’t stop things changing. When you strangers become your friend and suddenly your friend turned into a complete stranger. The sight of the main building brought back wonderful memories of my first day of school.

I was biting my lip and looked a little pale. I can’t help but my face was frowning with worry as it was my first day on my new school. I just moved to England as my father got his promotion after his 7 years as a reporter. I just thought what kind of first impression would be on other students' mind when they saw me.  I sighed, rubbed my forehead again and tried to think of something positive. Unfortunately, my mind was blank.

After being registered, I walked to my new classroom. All eyes on me and this were the longest 20 seconds ever in my life. I felt my palms getting sweaty. I closed your eyes, took deep breath and imagined that my mind is a clear, cloudless sky. ‘My name is Sara, the new student. Nice to meet you,’ I said with confidence that only last for a few seconds. No reaction from them and that was more pressure than watching a free throw in the last five seconds of a basketball game.

But at the moment, the classroom door flew open as if pushed by a strong wind. Every head in the room turned to see a tall, good-looking with black hair boy standing in the doorway. ‘Sorry, I’m late. But who is she? Oh, I bet she is the new student, huh?  Word had spread throughout the school anyway.’  He just sat in his place without even bother to greet the teacher in front of the class. Another problem popped in my mind when the empty seat that left was beside that boy’s seat.

I accidentally saw his name on his History textbook. His name is Samuel Bolton but students called him Sam. Four days of school already passed but we didn't even talk. I just felt isolated in the class. I thought I lost my mind when I asked Sam to be my partner for Science experiment. The fact was who else would be my partner? He laughed and that was my first time to see his smile. While doing our experiment, Sam asked me why I don’t even open my mouth for the past few days. Science lab where all the stories began, Sam was my buddy from that day.

A year already passed. Even though I met Sam almost every day in school, we always stopped by at the playground after school. The fact that I felt comfortable beside him is undeniable. He sat down in a bench, stretched out and put his hands behind his head. He sang Talking to the Moon by Bruno Mars, his favourite song, with his dulcet and soothing voice. Last week, he brought me to Music Room in the school and sang Count on me song while playing on a white grand piano.

A sticky note with I love you messages always be on my locker by the time I was there to get my books every morning. Just by looking at the hand writing, I already knew that it was Sam’s. I can’t help but my smile widened whenever I saw those sticky notes. Suddenly I heard my classmate talked about Sam. ‘Did you know that today is Sam’s last day on school? Surprised, huh?’ she asked her friend with a serious tone. My head snapped up and my jaw dropped. Which Sam were they talking about? I ran back to the classroom and searched for Sam but I heard familiar sounds came from the Music Room. I opened the door and Sam was there, playing on the piano with a warm smile on his face.

We decided to stop by at the playground. I said to him that I misheard people said that today was his last day and I laughed just to think how funny that joke was. Sam asked me what happened if the joke was true. I was not even hesitate and said that I was the happiest person on earth. I turned my eyes on him to see his reaction on my joke. ‘I glad you will be happy because that joke is actually the reason why I bring you here. Today is my last day. Tomorrow I will move to Australia.’ I stared at him, openmouthed. My smile gradually fell and melted away. A tear slid down my cheek, I brushed it away. He looked up at me and smiled, but it was one of those upside down smiles that are really more like frowns

That was the last moment I met Sam. I tried to be pleased, I tried to stop hunching my shoulders up. Standing at the playground alone without Sam, my face was all hot and I felt like I should cry, but my eyes were dry and prickly. I put on my earphone and played Count on me song that Sam used to sing for me. I looked around the playground and I shut my eyes tightly for a second, waited for the tears to go back inside my head. The playground witnessed my first love story.


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    weh mati mati aku ingatkan cerita ni pasal kau tau tak! haha

  2. HAHAHAAHHAAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH Wakenabeb. Mesti berkerut muka kau baca ahahaha adoi. Takleh imagine :))