Sunday, August 11, 2013

Percy Jackson? DONE

I've already watch Percy Jackson. Gila tak? Memang aku dah khatam buku sejarah tu dua kali  agaknya sempat lagi nak tengok wayang pffft tak sedar diri. Whatever. There was one particular scene that really express my feeling. Perasaan yang telah terbuku dan tertimbus, deeeeep down in my heart ecewah. Bila Percy Jackson tanya ayah dia 

Have you ever felt like everything you’ve ever done, you didn’t really do it? Like maybe it was all just luck or something?

Pang. They never know what I feel. When you realize it was all luck. All your damn achievements are just luck. And you are afraid, one day that luck is nowhere besides you. People give praises to you but you know, once again that luck is helping you. Without it, you're simply nothing. That's why I can't understand people who are bragging about their achievements. Because maybe that is just your luck. Be humble. Think twice ,

Anyway Logan Lerman sumpah handsome wa cakap . Aku cair. 

"Knowledge isn’t always power, Percy.  Sometimes it’s a burden"

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