Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Golden days

Aisyah send me pictures of rant notes i made for her masa dia tidur terbongkang when we were still in Seseri, probably few last days we spent in our own dorm and slept next to each other before kena halau and tumpang pergi block A/B. 

Masa aku baca i was like HAHAHHAHAHAA WTH SYAHEERA?

the accuracy is sooooo insane!!!!!! 

look at my doodle ok how i describe betapa lasak nya aisyah and sopannya aku thats a big deal do

the accuracy!!!!!! Ni real story do hahaha masa ni mesti aku mcm dah immune punya fed up sebab selalu kena kacau bila baca novel kan aisyah duk potpetpotpet. Novel yang aku boleh khatam satu malam pun boleh kena extend kalau dia tak tidur lagi! 

I miss high schooooool :( Boarding school, the dorm life, the 20 different attitudes we need to deal since each ppl will alwaaaaaays behave differently. Those days when we stayed up together next to tingkap, thats the only light source sbb after 11 dah lights off (and then rabun aku drpd rabun rabun manja dah rabun giant punya nak makan pun takleh beza ni asam keping ke isi ayam wth) and share toilet with the whole floor!!! 

And i missed messing around with Aisyah, dorm mates and nina sobs

Tapi betul lah no matter how hard + exhausting your situation is right now just remember one day in the future you know you will look back at this moment and laugh at it. I made it. 

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