Thursday, June 8, 2017

One day trip to Brighton & 7 Sisters Country Park

Uhm, so far this is the best one day trip I've ever had. A week before final ada revision week so lecturers email suruh dtg revision session yada yada. Somehow the point where the revision session tu useful hanyalah untuk sedarkan yang kau tak cover banyak benda lagi. So it was stressful at the moment, sampai bilik aku dah tak macam bilik dah. Macam tongkang pecah then dinding bilik berconteng sampai at one point aku fed up bukan sebab belajar tak masuk, tapi sakit sangat mata tengok bilik πŸ‘»

Bila dah dengar aku pergi dapur amik vacuum tu maksudnya my room was in K.O state lol. After spring clean dia rasa macam wow nak amik gambar hantar dekat ibu but yeah guess sampai the next how many hours je it would stay that clean 😎

So aku lepak bilik Limli (probably due to my room condition as well idk haha) and i walked out from her room with money walking out from my bank account as well. Lol we suddenly tired of studying and ended up planning for one day trip. To be exact, THREE ONE-DAY TRIPS. Different location. TWO OF THEM are consecutive, exactly the next day final paper. Because we have this "I-need-to-get-out-from-London" moment ugh 😀

The well-planned was only for brighton because both of us memang nak pergi sana, the next two location tu Northampton and Birmingham. And guess what mcm mana kiteorang pilih? Bukak google map UK and each of us pilih satu tempat, ran. dom. ly. Sumpaaaaaah jangan ikut lah perangai mcm ni, we ended up buying tickets to northampton straight away and our other flatmates bagitau there is legit nothing in Northampton. Some of them don't even know where the hell is Northampton. Reaction dieorang mcm "Northampton? Ahaaaaa such thing exists...?"

To brighton we go πŸ’¨

Anyway kiteorang pergi there by bus. All our one day trips semua naik bas hahahah gigih kan i know, first because we are cheap. Second because we dont have railway card, train tix were so expensive at that moment and we are cheap. Third, we already finished our exam and we have lots of time to waste willingly on the bus and we are cheap. 😁

Ni first time pergi and tengok beach or sea side view here and it is not THAAAAT far from london so okay laaaah. And one thing, Brighton ni best lah okay lah. Especially kalau nak berjemur ke apa, but uhm we are both from Asia and we don't really love sun that much, we can "enjoy" the sun masa cuti summer. Orang kata pergi jangan weekend sebab ramai gilos, so we went on weekdays and that was just nice ah. 

One thing I love here, jangan datang sini expect kau jumpa beach sand because they have the pebbles instead, i loike! Rasa macam nak bawak balik satu tapi takut kang hantu laut ikut aku balik, satu sen tak guna (don't watch too much k-horror movie like syadin eheh)

Brighton popular dia punya rides attraction tapi tak sure ada masa weekdays ke lol. We absolutely not coming there for the rides so we couldnt be bothered mueheh. Who need rollercoaster when you can watch korean drama and have roller coaster emotion going up and down in one episode πŸ’

Limli's hairs want to say hi! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Jangan datang masa winter mesti angin dia sejuk gila nak meninggal. Ni pun quite windy but then sunny. So mat mat salleh do bertebaran atas pebbles ni. Aku nak join baring, tapi bukan untuk sunbathing lah gila apa, tapi sumpah masa tu aku nak sambung tidur hahaha (having trip next day after final paper is a big no-no!! Sbb selalunya time tu lah nak qadak tidur kan ugh syadin stop being impromptu ajet ajet adventurous je kau)

Find a friend who is willing to do embarrassing stuff with you; ME 

But then Limli said no no no we need to catch the next bus. So aku takleh baring acah mat salleh aka sambung tidur, aku heret lah kaki aku pergi town center nak cari bus. Kalau baca travel blog orang, banyak je yang recommend pergi a few famous food and vintage market, tapi we have another plan. We need to cleanse our eyes and purify our soul to the real real real bitch beach. Brighton is not a legit beach pada pendapat aku lah.

So if you google Seven Sisters Country Park, you can go there by bus from brighton town center tau. And based on google picture, cantik gilaaaa like cantik ah cun air laut sama biru dengan langit ecewah gitu. Tapi aku mcm skeptical sikit lah, kalau search klcc pun keluar gambar cun tapi cuba bayangkan pergi kena pulak hari jerebu haaa gitu (but i love klcc) (my best night view all the time)


Aku tahu ni bunyi mcm wth sikit tapi we acted as if we are family then buy the family package network saver hahahaha so it was 5pound each. Kalau tak mahal lagi πŸ˜‚This one is unlimited day pass so worth it absolutelyyy. I know celah mana family based on our appearance but pls gang, kawan kan family juga hahaha. 

So one hour bus ride to the cliff, got a nice upper deck seats sebab dia macam tourist bus jugak. Dia akan announce popular spots sepanjang journey so boleh sneak peek from the window. Tapi bus ni banyak naw berhenti dia sampai aku pening mcm gang mak mak mengandung anak first gitu, should have bring some sweets 😷 So we spent 3 hours plus up there at the cliff; 2 hours return journey and 1 hour plus dekat cliff (jalan 10 langkah stop amik gambar memang lah πŸ˜€)

Sebab kiteorang memang jenis datang tanpa preparation hahah, kiteorang pergi lah customer services center nak tanya cemana nak sampai cliff tu sebenarnya. Dieorang helpful gila lah, dapat pulak dua ekor macam aku dgn limli ni the newborn dumb and dumber. Kiteorang dah tanya then keluar confident jalan then confuse lepastu u-turn balik nak suruh explain balik jalan dia hahahha 

So they have these two route; a loooooonger walk and a bit hiking with best view OR a still long but shorter walk than the first one, no hiking but with good view. So kiteorang mcm dalam dilema wanita lah nak best view tapi takda masa (downside one day trip lels) but then we couldn't be bothered to hike some more like ugh walking to kitchen is my one and only daily exercise come on guys πŸ’

So we google the picture from the second route. Still OK kalau tanya aku, cantik je aku rasa hahah so we chose the shorter walk but good view. Takpalah the best view tu nanti lah bawak suami dengan anak anak hahahaha waklu. 

Water sparkle brighter than my future

One of reasons 20 mins walk can be 1 hour walk. 

Another reason.

And then sampai the cliff, i mean the beach (sbb kita tak hike pun lols) and it was uhhh-maaaae-zing. Untuk aku yang hard but still kind of easy to please ni 😏 it was worth it the 2 hours return journey and i was glad limli duk insist we need to go there daripada exploring brighton je. Maybe sebab we are both more to nature and tired of city...... and whitechapel ahah!


it was better in real life tbh

and don't forget the most cliche yet necessary primary sch girl name-on-the-sand picture 😁

Anyway aku excited lah, i found my travel partner already muehehe. Dah lah everytime makan dia akan consider aku punya halal needs, teman aku pergi fitting room nak solat ahah! Lepastu dia lah bagi idea suruh jadi family for the bus tix. So aku rasa kalau nak cari travel partner tu kena sama wavelength kepala dengan budget jugak. Dengan ability and kesabaran amik gambar pun kena sama level (a must) (we ticked all the box in the list)

a picture worth to be upload

and a picture worth the laugh; homeless pose

astgafirullah sister remember ikhtilat


And then by that time aku dah kebulur. gila. yang takleh brain punya lapar. So a night before datang tu limli nak makan fish and chips sebab "we are at the sea side, we should at least have fish and chips!" so aku mcm ok lah nak okay je dah lama tak makan ikan pun lels so she found this one so-called the best fish and chips in Brighton, Bankers. Plus, i can trust limli when it comes to food hahah masa datang there was one buy-one-free-one main meal promotion. With the same price and quality, you can get two meals, why not!!! Dah lah fries beso beso sedap nyaaa kan best kalau ada sos kimball ke sos life ke ugh

long and big. we even order two different fishes, and the cut half and then share and then realized we couldn't notice any differences between these two ahah remember we are a bit dumb anyway 😎

bila dah kenyang tapi kena pergi last stop; beach hut.

Kiteorang tak sempat tau pergi beach hut ni sebenarnya. Tapi dia macam our must-go-list. So kiteorang pergi jugak hahah so we ended up tunggu bas balik coach station dalam kecuakkan, kiteorang hampir call uber. Sebab bus back to london dah nak jalaaaan, kiteorang kena lari sepanjang bus stop ke coach station mcm mad potatoes takpun sarung nangka berlari. Sampai coach station tu memang dah macam sayur kangkung, and kiteorang memang the last passenger yang masuk. Aku rasa kalau stop lari sikit mungkin aku dah tidur tepi brighton pier tu agaknya πŸ˜…

it was good πŸ‘­

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