Thursday, May 24, 2018

I'm baaaackk

I havent posted anything for agessssss hahah omg this blog already missed all the milestone i had for the entire year πŸ˜‚ Somehow amazed macam mana dulu keep on updating even in seseri and kmb, uni pack jugak tapi the fact yang aku dah habis exam almost one month ago and there's not a single post at all nampaknya tu alasan semata mata gais pls syadin 

Anyway all this while, aku sedar #1 reader of my almost-unexisting-berhantu blog is no other than ayah hahah! He is the one calling me each day and ask "taknak update blog ke" like i wonder ayah ni betul betul check on blog aku ke macam mana? Maybe that's the reason why he made an instagram account (CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT MY DAD!!! ONLY KNOW HOW TO USE WHATSAPP AND EMAIL! HAVE AN INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT???) He made an excuse "nak pantau anak anak" which actually means "whenever i have free time and i already finished reading and replying all the whatsapp msges, now I can stalk my daughters on instagram" 

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Bila ayah send follow request, i was like "OMG AYAH ADA IG ACCOUNT???" on family whatsapp group and tanya siapa pandai buatkan ni?!? It turned out he made it by himself. Wow ayah, achievement unlocked. Just would like to clarify im the first daughter yang approve ayah on ig, i'm so kind right i know (despite all the hesitation er should i or should i not? Can i post everything i want after this? HAHAH *drama*) And last week he replied my ig story for the first time sbb before this usha je tak reply kiki

Anyway i'm not that surprise, ayah keeps on stalking me on twitter as well. People on twitter reply my tweet by tweeting but ayah step up the game bruh he replies my tweet by calling me why-you-tweet-like-that. See? *daddy's gal*

*omg ranting on blog is soooo fun how can i'm not doing it for so long??*

The purpose of my blog (years ago, initially) is to write things insignificantly-significant that happened in my life memandang iolls punya memory is a bit off, whenever i read back my post i swear 75% of it i can't remember at all. 

But things just go wrong nowadays, i don't even post anything zz ok last 5th May was my birthday and it was so good i like it and Aisyah came and surprised me all the way from Galway to London when her exam was finally over. That was a surprise which i was actually surprised lol (if you get what i mean and yes i screamed for sure). I knew something was wrong she kept on checking on me esok plan kau apa, kau tgh tidur ke yada yada to be fair we actually keep on checking each other but that day it was not subtle enough πŸ˜‚ but i didnt expect her to walk into my room with candles on muffin and kfc bucket omg what did i do to deserve ppl like this 

*i cant believe i didnt take any pic that day lmao thats how surprised i am*

See if i didn't write about this i bet 2 years later i vaguely remember "oh ada eh, haah lah kau surprise aku kat malaysia kan eh tak tak london eh" so you better continue writing pls syadin 

So yesterday, after so long behaving and not embarrassing myself in public i finally did one! *face palm* Aku pergi pros lab to do teeth model casting and set it on articulator (i finally did my first ever articulation yesterday like my first baby anak sulung but i know i gonna be sick doing 84379502 of it later) and whenever dalam pros lab kena pakai lab coat. Suddenly one tutor came to me and asked "who touch you on your bum?" 

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"There's hand print on your bum, what happened" lepastu semua orang dekat dalam lab tu dengan head tutor sekali pandang aku. Within that 10 seconds my mind flashback did any of my girlfriends pat on my butt......? No, sekali pun aku tak perasan. And the tension was building up since all eyes on me, otak aku takleh fikir straight dah so nervous jap 

then rasa mcm ada satu penampar virtually in my brain, i realised "ohhh um i thinkk that's my own handprint hahahahah!" and they were all laughing at me πŸ˜‚ syadin is so dumb adoi. The tutor was like "thank god i thought there's something wrong happened, i'm thinking should i contact student support office" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ basically the tutor thought somebody is harassing me but turned up im 'harassing' myself lmao but the good point bila tengok tutor concern gila hahah my bad! 

Happy fasting to all muslims! πŸ’œ I really hope this year my nieces tak curi curi minum daripada air paip, they already skipped their first day since they missed sahur sabar je lah. 7th day puasa and i already missed sahur 3 times. Lmao how i always wake up 10 mins after subuh zz 

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