Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Agi idup agi ngelaban

Everybody suddenly being extraaaa nice when exam is one-digit day away. Um yes including my parents, and somehow thats scary and creepy herher dia mcm inner voice of ayah wanted to say "eera better belajar jangan tidur!!!" But in a good way. 

Probably the last post before exam, just wait for the upcoming I-finish-IB post (waaaaaaaaaaaaaaah)

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

17 days

Extra marksss for these kind of human beings ( or friends) for being super duper considerate. But yeah somehow these ppl make me wonder problematic sangat ke muka aku ni like seriouslyyy mata mcm mintak simpati mungkin lels. I mean thank you for being caring for this hopeless & lifeless creature (grin)

17 days before D-day, cannot wait to say byebye to kmb and ib (obviously) but not the friends in it

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

18 days

Guess whaaaaaaaat? Satu kmb takda elektrik hahahahah I kennot brain with kmb anymore. So aku bertapa dengan phone di tepi stok stok manusia yang tengah "panas laaah" "omagad this is the worst case scenario" "macam mana nak belajar ni" ihiks lels macam ni lah hidup guys 

Oh wait dah ada elektrik, soooo no plot twist, star gazing, candle light whatnot 

Ok no elektrik takda balik, whats all thissss

Its the same thing, aku dah perati daripada last week lagi. Few days approaching IB exam D-day, rasa nya sebijik masa nak spm duluuu. How I choose surau over anywhere else (tapi dulu sbb nak sorok handphone and dengar lagu, siap ada gang surau walaupun muka takda stok stok imtiyaz pun tapi sekarang sbb surau its the only place yg ada fan with highest speed) and now takda elektrik lelsssss haritu satu kelas weh kena tidur common room sebab takda elektrik. Rasa dia dah macam balik kampung tidur dekat ruang tamu dengan sepupu sepapat terdampar mcm ikan paus berderet (hehe im kidding girls) And remember those days of dinner and supper with candles and no electricity, yas soo familiar

Ok lights on already, and yas 5 mosquito bites! (Yawn)

And teachers are giving lots of food, its the saaaaame!! Harini dapat kepci and brownies (yasss) 

And its the same how 18 days before D-day and im still have piles of books to read and one brain that still feels empty :( 

Lets work hard in silence & let the victory make its noise

Monday, April 4, 2016

Mock IB exam; checked!


Herherher it's me lels dia punya habis mock exam feeling mcm dah habis ib exam bebetul. Blog lamaaa tak update, bukan iman tak tetap ok cuba husnudzon sikit alhamdulillah ni mesti belajar tak henti ni semoga syadin tengok buku bukan buku tengok syadin amin ya rabbal alamin

Oh yes, hows life? Mine was so-so and currently enjoying my last 30++ days in kmb. We have this irp session yang ala ala study group, im super okay with my irp members, half okay with the irp food (lunch makan protein je ok either ayam or daging sbb taknak otak lembab masa petang lels, walaupun correlation mcm zero je sbb makan apa pun aku still mengantuk petang tp at least tak makan ikan so its ok with me mueheheh) and im not ok with my sleeping pattern :( Body is not listening anymore everytime aku "turn on mode stay up" and end up sleeping on the floor. Big no-no dengan cuaca banting yang pasang kipas speed 5 tp kelajuan rasa mcm kawan sebelah tiup guna mulut je

And have you eveeeeer experienced something absurd throughout your school/ college life? Yasssss for me, mine was double double mereeeepek with extra cheese and free other toppings (what?) We went to putrajaya lakeside for a sudden grand hi-tea, dah laaaah sesat masa on the way ke sana lol and yes guess who was the prom queen?


my reaction was like "apa do" ^

First; its not even a prom. It was a hi-tea. We just be there, eat and went back to college. I didnt even dance, yes not even a step. Second; aku pakai baju yang dah lama kurun abad berapa tah I kept wearing that blouse since foreveeeeeer. Third; aku dah lah pakai seluar slack je, kelako pulak rasanya. And before tu kena pergi depan, cabut a quote from a bowl and complete the sentences in front of the crowd. Aku taktahu aku jawab apa, let the rest became history whateveeeer queen or queen control aku still got a hamper with air fanta and keropok lels

And aku sangat sangat excited to celebrate the end of mock exam (overrrrr sangat) Sorry to my eyes for the sleepless night, sorry dear brain for stuffing all last minutes recall, sorry my hands its not easy to write all those essay in short time (padahal essay bm tak sempat buat penutup hahaha mampus kau lah) so here I treat myself a reward dengan belikan diri sendiri hadiah (hehe) Plus menjayakan syaheera tajuddin yang baru ingat password account dia lels. Macam sedih pun ada, syok sendiri pun ada gak, hantar hadiah kepada diri sendiri sobs lepastu excited sengsorang

And petang tadi kiteorang dengan buang tabiat nya pergi main basikal Aku bukan nak cakap apa lah, tapi celebrate pung pang pung pang realitinya masih 30++ days hahaha i know whateveeeer. Dah lama nya tak main basikal. Nana dah lah bawak basikal lambat and semua tak puas hati and be like "kau bawak basikal ke bawak beca!!!!", tak campur accident sesama sendiri, hampir terbabas, kena tiup wisel dengan pak guard and tak belajar satu malam sebab penat tidur awal lels

^ sebab dieorang ni species nak bercakap 24/7, this is the most decent picture. Yang lain mesti sekor pandang tempat lain, sekor bercakap dgn kawan sebelah, sekor tengah betulkan basikal adoi

Aku baru perasan betapa poker nya pokerface aku. No wonder senior seseri dulu bash aku on the first week, muka macam nak cari gaduh kakakaka #sistabah #takdehal

"just when the caterpillar thought the world was ending, it turned into a butterfly"

Friday, March 4, 2016

If you happened to feel dumb

If you happened to feel dumb, just know that there was another human being that feel dumber than everrrr. She got zero for last week chemistry "quiz" and she could do nothing but laugh at the zero she got lels. If you think "hek eleh standard lah tu dapat kosonggg, dah pernah dapat banyak kali" uhm yeah this is not her first time and  standard tu kalau kosong tu macam ramaaaaai but not when the group was the only one that got zero hahahahah its okay live with it, she already pat herself on her back

Oh yeah wait that human being was me

Saturday, February 27, 2016

M forteen E

See these bright human beings :) Hoping the best for these 21 faces, lets see this kind of smiles again throughout this semester and when IB ends (finger crossed)

And yasssss our CAS cbp project shine 2.0 won second place for the best international humanitarian project among kolej mara. Not even the hi-com for this project, but the fact our class did everything on our own (for collecting funds sampai kena halau dari OU) give me sense of pride. We succeed in helping other ppl who had no hopes, so give a hand and positive vibes to ourselves should not a problem at all (syadin's proud smile)

Remember, great thing takes time 

Thursday, February 18, 2016

If you happened to be stressed

Note that success is just like being pregnant, everybody congratulates you but nobody knows how many times you were screwed.

And when ppl show symptoms of wanting to be you (do all the things you did etc), instead of being annoyed just be positive and realize that you are somewhere up in the league and someone who is worth to imitate.

Arrows instead of roses at my feet but I will never fall