Friday, December 2, 2016

Teddy Bear Hospital

SECOND ICA ALREADY ENDED HAHAHAHHA omg already typed this post loooong time ago pastu buat halfway then simpan dalam draft sebab kena settlekan SBL essay (freaking 3000 words settle in one week when I used to revise and edit my IB extended essay 4000 words for the one whole semester lol) then I thought it's okay lah can continue the draft after finish the sbl tup tup after submit sbl baru perasan exam ICA2 in one week time hahahah so yeah everything settle so here i am


(okay can we act like aku post this draft right away and not one month after lol)

Last wednesday, aku joined activity handled by this one society (probably the only one I dont mind going again lol). Stok stok pemalas mcm aku ni, cukup baik lah join hahahaah so just keep your wonder "eh satu je" senyap senyap dalam hati lels. I volunteered for the teddy bear hospital!

Sounds like pejadah dia teddy bear hospital ni ingat main pondok pondok ke? Guess what, sort of hahahaha. First of all, it was legit fun doh serious. I went to this primary school with those big toothbursh and model teeth set (practically that was my first time going to the real school here not "school of dentistry" "medic school" "law school") named st mary. Oh plus ni my first time masuk sekolah yg st st ni so I saw lots of jesus and patung and feel so woww new experience!

Mile End, Nov 2016

So this activity wanted to promote to these primary school kids about health, jgn takut jumpa doctor and all dentist are reliable (including me duhh pls *roll eyes*). So the teachers will ask each of the students to bring their teddy bears to school a day before the event pastu masuk dalam satu dewan and bring the teddy bear to meet the doctors and dentist!

So we have 4 stations; personal session with dentist (wohooo), food health, teddy bear surgery and personal session with the doctors. So obviously aku volunteer to be dentist, siap pakai our dental tunic like acah dentist sangat lol. Not really sure what happened at doctor and food station tapi surgery tu nampak cooool all kids pakai scrub and operate this super duper big teddy bear (like literally open up the teddy's body and take out the heart and all organs they sumbat inside the teddy)

We literally did the talking part! Personally. With the kids. About health. Padahal baru masuk dental school 2 bulan hahaha. Aku ni dah lah species yang know nothing about dentistry, not those typical students who enter the dental school with high spirit and know those basic treatments and knowledge about teeth. Aku literally google a few minutes before the kids came "how many teeth do we have" "what is the difference between canine and incisor tooth" just in case dieorang tanya aku takda lah bunyi macam stupid nya this dentist 

One thing for sure; they are suuuuuuper cute (cries). I wish ppl stay innocent and kind as they were at this age. No wonder lah parents don't want their child to grow up. Sepatutnya aku have this one students:one dentist session but they were all pumped up at that time sampai aku kena handle 3 kids at a time. Susah beb nak layan 3 soalan serentak jenuh gak. Aku tanya kena gosok gigi berapa kali sehari sorang cakap 100, sorang 1 billion, sorang 1 trillion (and I asked him back do you even know how many zero in 1 trillion because i dont haha) 

And I think I did well at that time because we have the same mental age hahaha dieorang datang bawak teddy bear lah winnie the pooh lah unicorn lah then i just played along "what is your teddy's name" lepastu kau kena dengar lah nama tah bukan bukan diaorang canang (some even i couldn't pronounce so i called them baby teddy instead lels) and then those warm up question "I'm your dentist for today, can I see your teddy's teeth?"

Lepastu check gigi teddy (walaupun some teddy didnt even show any teeth tapi bila aku tanya dieorang boleh nampak tak gigi teddy semua jerit "YESSS" omg that innocent level of imagination I almost cried) and aku buat buat lah ada gigi rosak lels. So aku nak cucuk anesthesia tapi budak kan mana faham pejadah anesthesia so aku tunjuk the syringe lepastu explain - this is for the sake of your teddy, we must help him!! I promise!! -kind of syadin's 7pm drama 

lepastu when my drama queen mode turn on we even countdown 1 2 3 kuat-kuat before I inject the teddy hahaha idk why I did that, they just love the suspense pastu in return I love their reaction. And sebab nak tunjuk yang pergi jumpa dentist ni tak scary aku bebel lah teddy dieorang bagus pun tak nangis sebab apaaa?!? Sebab injection tak sakit!! HAHAHA all those lies, bersalah seh mesti kalau grown ups dgr aku bercerita response akan jadi "mmg lah tak nangis it is freaking teddy not a human"

But I must maintain their innocence! So aku try inject tangan dieorang pulak nk tunjuk ni real hahaha weh sumpah reaction dieorang comel gila nak mati ah I suddenly want kids, ada yang berani ada yang tutup mata tutup telinga sampai ada yang jerit buat drama taknak kena inject. This one girl I praised her since she was brave then she told me "I already did this two times, and I didn't cry at all" dalam hati aku mcm wow dua kali at this age I still blame my parents for lying macam-gigit-semut-api kind of lies for every injection.

I asked this one boy "I think Teddy is sick, so what are you need to do right now?" and I was expecting replies macam I will send him to the doctor or dentist asap. But then this boy angkat tangaan semangat gila " I KNOW!!! We need to always make him happy. then Teddy will be fine". Iolls speechless and couldn't stop aww-ing dah lah handsome haha so I gave him sticker lolol

"No one loses their innocence, it is either taken or given away willingly"

Stratford, Nov 2016

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

You are not the king's match

I'm not a fan of historical drama but this one is exceptional

Currently emotionally unstable dek kdrama Scarlet Heart Ryeo sigh this drama has the most pathetic hero from the start till the end. How can people be so mean?!? The king tu dah lah had no one by his side then one by one is leaving him omagad stressss, when all he need is love from his own mom, brothers and fellow ppl he considered as "my people". Lepastu stress jugak semua nak mati hahaha haa mati lah kau amik nombor giliran kau kaunter depan 

*stop pls syaheera*

Oh yes I just ended my first internal course assessment (ICA) yesterday! Yayyy! To be short, it was like test after 5 weeks lecture but every subject sumbat in one paper. Haaa the tricky part of system subject sumbat one paper ni I dont even know this question supposed to be in oral biology ke pharmacology ke etc maybe want us to understand not memorize therefore iolls tawakal je lah (noo this one is real tawakal not the past IB exam kind of tawakal which I used Justin Bieber's song to choose the answer lolol)

Oh yes I had this one episode of syadin's secondhand embarrassment. I went out to Regent's park with Hana to play frisbee after idk lah for how many months lepastu we always utilize our malay language privilege whenever we don't want others to get what we are talking about. So naik underground lepastu masuk this one lift full with local especially the whites, tapi penuh pun wouldnt stop us from talking

Syadin, i suka laki mcm tu
Haaa mana mana yang macam mana
Tepi you, pakai baju merah
Hahah oh hana now i geddit, you love those handsome foreigners look eh
Apa benda

Aku toleh muka aku ke depan, everyone in the lift looked at me. That silence was suuuuper duper awkward and i was still lost until I realize i said with loud voice of mine "love those handsome foreigners look" is actually english and everyone in the lift faham hahahahah ye lah we hardly say handsome as kacak in malay?? Pintu lift bukak Hana terus keluar jerit malunya!! sambil tutup muka aku hanya redha 

And lately ni the weather was super cold (I'm about to say I'm short of adipose tissue to give me warmth but sounds a bit illogical so yeah), I think my heater is not working properly seh ;/ My heater panas tapi bilik nya masyaAllah punya sejuk to the extent i wear my winter jacket with furrr dekat hodie inside my room. And I stay in the hall right, so I went to the kitchen with the jacket pergi basuh pinggan.

I started to feel stupid 1 minute after basuh pinggan in my winter jacket and shorts, so aku pun tawakal tak jumpa anyone (agaaaain) and whisper to myself okay syaheera cepat cepat basuh pinggan then lari masuk bilik. Tiba-tiba aku dengar suara orang gelak terkekek belakang aku. "Syaheera! Are you thaaaat cold?? *giggling like hell*" 

Yes, I met my flatmate in the kitchen while I was in pajamas + winter jacket and looking super dumb lels

Monday, November 7, 2016


Out of all wish notes that I got at that one particular time, I bring this one piece of note with me. I chose just this one and left the others at home. So that if suddenly something goes wrong and I desperately need someone say something good to me sincerely, I take my purse and open that note. 

And read it again and again and again (and again lol)

Don't say something you do not mean. Just say something good because someone somewhere out there would be like me who keep on holding to that one specific note or letter to keep on going. 

now ady 2016 but I still think "dah sampai jgn lupa call or text" is the the sweetest concern one could say indirectly lol

Autumn shows us that how beautiful it is to let go something else

Thursday, October 27, 2016

miserable life of mine

HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIIII *wave hand gaya ratu diva divana*

Lectures are back to back, sigh. The first internal course assessment is in 2 weeks time, therefore I'm dying lolol. Walau bagaimanapun gais, exam ke weather angin sejuk yang buat rasa macam badan boleh melayang (acah keding je padahal *mengucap sambil pegang tasbih*) cannot stop me from doing embarrassing things!!!

To some extent I wonder should I make like a journal or a book- 1000 ways how syaheera embarrassed herself in public. Mesti best seller seh!! Ye lah ayah je dah beli 100,000 copies tu tak kira mak pak sedara mesti total another 100,000 plus aku beli sendiri nak bagi anak cucu cicit baca ha kau tgk how you guys punya nenek muka pure tembok lels

 Staying here, I eat a lot. Like A LOOOOT. But somehow I need to save some money, remember iolls bukan self-sponsored student ke so duit mara bagi ni perlu dicatu untuk kesenangan masa hadapan untuk "kita enjoy". Bersengkek-sengkek dahulu, berhuha-huha kemudian. But don't worry guys, my perut is my priority all the time. Orang lain makan roti, iolls hari hari makan nasi hahahahah so the hope "kurus lah syaheera pasni" boleh save in pdf file and delete terus even yg dlm recycle bin sekian.

Last two days, masuk lecture hall macam malap semacam. Dapat pulak lecturer with romantic voice gitu lol slow naww so the whole class stayed total silent to hear what the lecturer said. Like total silent yang kau jot down notes pun kita boleh dengar friction pen atas kertas wah gitu iolls ber-physics. SUDDENLY WITHOUT ANY WARNING AND SALAM !!!!

I heard a suuuuuper duper loooooooooooo(oooo)ng vibrate yang nonstop tau in the middle of silence. No not mah phone but HAHAHAHHA PERUT AKU BUNYI HAHAHAHA malu siot idk where to hide my face ady iolls just tawakkal no one hear ya Allah tidurkan satu kelas ini buat seketika amin ya rabbal alamin *amik balik tasbih*

tapi I knew it was too late when my classmate hold my hand, and nod her head with I-feel-you-mate sympathy face and ended up giggling like hell hahahahahah 

AKU DAH SARAPAN KOT dan kenyang dah, tak rasa lapar pun like kau sabar jap perut after the class habis I will feed you, cereal 2 mangkuk kan tadi apa lagi kau naaaaak *asah parang*

therefore I realized after this bila perut aku buat bunyi lagi aku nak pura-pura check phone ala ala gaya vibrate satu meja ni disebabkan notification whatsapp aku masuk bertubi-tubi tak on whatsapp 2 hari sampai non-stop dia vibrate lolol 

yas this is the all-time hungry gal

- just googled "why my stomach make sounds" and i'm normal (peace)

Sunday, October 16, 2016

syadin ft fatty acids

Dulu dari seseri ke kmb tahu lapar pergi dewan makan tadah pinggan je. Now I felt like acah besar  especially when class tak habis lagi but zoned out wondering "what i'm going to eat for lunch eh" "bawang tinggal berapa banyak" "how much yeah 1 kg of beras" "kenapa nasi briyani satu pound depan ospital ni dah jadi  £1.50 tiba-tiba, dia bubuh apa yang beriya sangat nak naik harga"

So far this is the easiest and all-time ready pack untuk pemalas macam aku yass

Duduk hall kan dah lah sorang nak masak beriya pun sia-sia sebab aku sorang je makan, banyak cantik nak masak setiap hari. Dengan dapur elektrik yang ada semput ke asthma or lemas waiting for cpr nak tunggu minyak panas pun aku sempat take a nap lels. Paling buruk perangai masak untuk 3 hari terus.  One day I almost gave up while waiting then I asked my flatmates memang kat rumah dieorang pun guna dapur elektrik semput mcm ni ke gigih nya menunggu. Rupanya tak lels.

Start with sardin, nasi goreng dah macam makanan ruji, the most proper was kari ayam and tadi buat ayam masak merah. Tup tup dah satu bulan dekat sini wow. Satu bulan wow. Satu bulan out of 5 tahun lol whaaaat? 

Ady one month but still facetime with ibu how to make this how to buy that

and "eera masak ayam masak merah tadi, rasa okay je

tapi kenapa rasa tak sama macam ibu................... /cries/"


ibu reply "ek eleh baru masak sebulan ada hati nak sama dgn ibu dah masak 40 tahun"

(aku hanya mampu berhuhuhu i shouldn't blame serai when i'm the problem lol)

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Settling down

Hellooooooooooooooooooooooo if you wonder if I am alive or typing in lake of tears, I am okay just fine :) Now dah 2 weeks in London, feel soo unreal like bangun subuh alarm kejut takda roommate takda housemate takda ibu takda ayah. The moment I hate the most is when I'm alone so start rasa homesick lah pebenda lah so cepat cepat bukak korea to feel like chill bro you are at home!!! 

Tapi paling takleh brain bila the local cakap they felt homesick, rumah 3 jam naik train daripada uni and I was like har har har then what im supposed to feel to be 13 hours away from home........... naik kapal terbang........ 

But to be veghy veghy honest, if you ask me what is the best point to be here is; the people. Kalau rasa macam diri kita ni friendly, datang sini muhasabah diri sikit pandang cermin tube yeke aku ni friendly. Dalam interview potpet potpet im very friendly, 100% chatterbox, I love to work with people I dont want to work with the machines in the lab or the computer in the office yada yada sampai sini aku terdiam jap hahaha

But then the ppl here will approach you everyyyyday all day tanya kau ok ke, hows london, do you need any help, sampai weekend nak balik rumah masing masing pun siap ketuk bilik aku just to say bye and take care lels. Aku terdiam kejap like yes take care as well dont worry I wont make this flat become 100% horror during the weekend, peace. Yeah maybe 90% muehehe jk

Sampai aku dah mcm ada scripted answer untuk jawab semua soalan. 

And the seniors care about me more than I care about myself.

And, locals punya jaga hati sweet talk tu mmg terbaik dari ladang. Nampak selipar jepun aku pun dia cakap "omg your slippers are sooo cool" maka aku pun tgk selipar aku, aku terpakai selipar org lain ke....... it was a selipar jepun for real. Lepastu aku gelak je cakap ni selipar toilet kot, apa yang cool nya hipster jauh sekali ah hahah so kalau kena puji dgn org local jangan syok sendiri pls it is just manner or point to start a conversation

So yes. throwback kejap the day before iolls fly; it was horrible. Aku tahu dia mmg nature untuk dapat ticket a day before fly tapi dah tengah hari still tak dapat ticket. So mcm pergh gelabah ah dah mcm spam call. Sekali pukul 12 lebih tengah hari baru dapat ticket flight, and ended up our flight was the day after and eaaaarly in the morning. So we got less than 24hrs short notice about our flight, and aku tak packing barang lagi so mcm WEHHHH TAK SEMPAT, So I packed everything sumbat and just hope tak exceed bag limit. 

the youngest ady off to live her dream, i love love love you guys like very true kind of love 

aku taktahu you guys mandi ke tak tapi serious thank you my dear

And if you guys tgk dalam drama bila si perempuan nak off to oversea lepastu pakwe dia sempat pulak datang last minute pergi airport walaupun jalan jammed teruk ke kereta rosak ke babak babak suspense gitu......... know that it's all just drama. In real life, jasmine syaz farisha marina and everyone (who else ah sorry hehe) datang airport tapi nampak aku dari belakang je like jerit ke apa mmg tak guna dah, aku tak dengar lol sorry, all dramas semua tu tipuuu so if your gf merajuk nak pergi lombok larikan diri datang 5 jam sebelum har har kbai

But I reaaaaally appreciate you guys, sorry you guys end up sarapan in klia instead you ze best


one of the goodbye advice that I still remember is from along 

"solat jangan tinggal" yes insyaAllah

And Aisyah datang bawak kek hahahaha kau tgk smpai kat aku je hancur. It was well written "Goodluck Syadin" and it was veghy veghy nice cake dalam flight terus makan lepastu tgk dalam bag ada quran colourful, aku mcm hahahahahahha wow from Aisyah okay that's rare!!! Hahahah thanks babe you are the bomb 

Stuck with these ppl for yeaaars but yeah it's ok as long as im not literally alone

Lepastu transit Singapore kejap pastu straight pergi London so rasa dia mcm direct flight tapi "eh nk singgah rumah jiran lah" so mmg the 13 hrs straight tu hidup aku takda makna dah nak tidur takleh nak tgk movie tak comfortable. 

cheers to my mp3 since freaking 2008 like you are my lifesaver bro


Sampai London these senior picked us up, thank yooooou dah lah luggage gedabak gila mcm bawak satu rumah 

Esoknya settle down check in halls semua lepastu senior bawak tour london. Lepasssstu guess whaaaat out of nowhere aku tgk muka mamat ni macam kenal je, kalau org lain mcm mustahil sbb muka sebijik sangat tapi biar betul. It turned out btho's classmate zahin also there at that moment in the middle of London lels. He is still the same zahin guys, nothing change hahaha

The last day we met would be my last day in btho which was yeaaars ago

So this is Malaysian dentistry students, mcm comel gila kan kumpul semua sebab tak ramai pun so mcm nak say hye dekat aku yang baru sampai ni lels. They talk like a real dentist yang idk what language they used. so wow

Tak ramai international students dia amik, so sad ;/ so here i am the only Malaysian with Lim Li. the only singaporean. 


You can do this!

First proper eat out meal plus

First proper cooked meal (walaupun tin sardin) (syadin was eating sardine)

here is the london eye but why my eyes are still on you 

my room!!! Say it is nice even though it is (maybe) not!!!

Pastu last weekend ada malaysian festival dekat trafalgar square. Kita yang baru seminggu kat situ pun pergi lah ramai ramai datang support and makan msian food sekali lol mahal nya masyaAllah guys sampai pakcik cina tu stop kan aku masa terserempak and said "Adik dont eat here lah you balik kampung nanti you makan" aku pandang pakcik ni mcm datang travel je balik kampung minggu depan, saya balik tahun depan pakcik......... 

Duduk sini memang seronok lah ada je orang call ajak makan dinner sbb dah masakkan. So aku macam yaaaaaaaay food! Doakan lah guwe yang tercmpak 5 tahun ni balik balik pandai masak level ibu yang masuk dapur kelentang kelentung bunyi kuali, no more microwave microwave super instant whateverrrr

Dah lambat now :( Duduk sini tidur awal weh hamagaaad all my super power stay up sampai subuh nowhere to be found. Hopefully ada new blog updates regularly in the future and harapnya I have "my life" here

And if you happen to see those students updates who live abroad on social medias and terfikir "untungnya", there is another side of story yang "tak untung" which that person choose not to keep that being updated. Life is fair because it is unfair to everybody. Just saying lels,

All the best syadin!

Friday, September 9, 2016

Dentistry: Road to London

Alhamdulillah visa dah siap kelmarin. Aku siap whatsapp eeka lagi kalau aku tahu lah nak belajar abroad seleceh ni mungkin aku fikir dua kali untuk opt for oversea lol. But since I'm going too far already and minyak untuk u-turn tak cukup and satan bisik kat telinga belah kiri "do or die" and malaikat bisik kat telinga kanan "Allah permudahkan orang yang berusaha", it's too late to turn back anyway. And it is not easy to grab the chance. There's nothing can back up me anymore, it is either I make my lifetime dream job jadi realiti or I make my high school joke just-kidding-im-going-to-be-housewife-with-brains for real so             yeah.

oh maaan elaun duit dah masuk *sujud syukur sambil pegang tasbih*

Pilih nak study oversea ni sangatlah kelakar and main-main untuk aku sebab se jujur jujur jujur jujur nya dulu aku tak kisah langsung kalau aku belajar local pun lepas spm like seriously i dont mind. Aku tak pernah ada perception study local tak mantap and sumpah bukan species "study oversea memang impian dari saya kecik keluar perut mak tak nangis dulu, saya jerit dulu i want to study oversea!!!" (aku imagine and rasa mcm kelakar pulak lol). Susah kot nak dapat masuk UM ke UKM ke especially course medic orang cerita kalau UM tu kena asasi dapat 4flat dulu baru boleh medic UM (taktahu sahih ke tak tapi mcm ye je) (i dont think I need to list all unis, seriously.....)

And it turns out I really really really want to be a dentist lol. Actually bukan nak jadi dentist sangat tapi aku taknak kerja lain selain dentist (apa jadah beza nya? beza ok) And aku kecik lagi so aku tak kenal dunia. Taktahu kalau result IB ni ipta malaysia belum iktiraf lagi. Aku tak tahu kalau dentistry ni placement dia dalam uni sangat limited. Taktahu aku kena akan di-interview berkali kali kali kali. Taktahu requirement a bit (too) high, some even higher than medics (make sense ke zz)  So the struggle begins.

Image result for sad gif

Kaunselor suggest tukar course; taknak, saya nak dentistry jugak. Requirement ielts each band kena 7 and above; takpa, kalau tak pass saya usaha lagi. Semua university kena interview; takda power sangat interview tapi takpa saya try. Kawan demotivate everytime interview; takpa bukan kau yang interview aku.

So 2 universities reject mentah-mentah. 1 university dapat online interview tapi terkandas. 1 university interview passed tapi course pharmacy (aku takleh brain & imagine nak belajar benda aku tak minat 4 tahun beb). 1 face-to-face interview in Singapore. 2-stages online interview for Ireland university. 90% impossible to further study dentistry in local due to limited placement & IB recognition. 

Image result for motivation gif

For uk unis, even to get the interview offer for international students is not easy so when I got replies from them I was glad enough lol. But alhamdulillah I think I'm just so-so in interview but I passed the one in Singapore (for QMUL) and Ireland unis walaupun chances senipis kulit bawang. 

So yas gais insyaAllah next week guwe akan ke Queen Mary University of London amik dentistry wohooooo! Target cita-cita spm surat aku janji yang aku sign depan ibu ayah dalam hall DGP dekat seseri tu bukan angan dalam debu semata-mata kuang kuang kuang. Nasib baik aku tak tulis suri rumah sepanjang masa dalam tu lels. Atau kahwin dengan anak sultan. Atau penyanyi. 

Image result for bitter gif

Tapi tu lah 5 tahun beb bukan kejap tu. IB 2 tahun pun nak menangis rasanya fikir balik, rasa macam makin tua and makin botak. Stress rambut gugur macam baru lepas buat chemotheraphy. Ni 5 tahun kalau grad jangan lah aku tua kerepot berkedut, kawan-kawan lain semua dah anak 2 lol. Dulu dekat kl and banting boleh lah dekat, kentut pun ibu dekat rumah boleh dengar. Ni dah benua lain, menangis dalam selimut je lah jawabnya nak. 

Ni aku cakap cuma nak warning sikit je nanti in the future, kalau aku post banyak emo homesick ke apa, harap memahami *lari laju laju*

just nak ingatkan kalau engkorang ada kenal orang species suka demotivate ni;

Image result for bitter gif