Tuesday, June 5, 2018

BDS2: Checked!

Unlike other ppl uni and course, course aku punya exam term macam pelik sikit. Selaaaalu lain dengan orang lain, idk why. Most ppl in the uk just finished their last paper, and there is me finished one month ago and now waiting for my result. And guess whaaaaaaat?!

Image result for excited gif


and gues whaaaaat?!


while other people gonna post their first day raya dengan complete lauk raya esp sepupu sepapat they all definitely post last iftar malam raya makan ramai ramai hidang atas lantai, there will be me crying at the corner of my bed eating hashbrown from iceland. Nothing can be worse than finding out I have clinic on pagi raya πŸ˜±πŸ˜±πŸ’¨

i'm not going to watch any iklan raya (but 'accidentally' watch TNB one since ppl said it's nice, apa yang best nya i cannot brain)

I think there is something wrong with my self-control. Punyalah bulan yang mulia ni lah kena menahan nafsu, tapi ni makin membuak buak. Dah tak boleh recycle makanan untuk buka puasa, kalau recycle dia rasa mcm taknak buka pulak hahah. Pantang tengok video makanan terus buat, bulan ni je taktahu dah berapa kali duk masak species pertama-kali-version-buang-tabiat. rest in peace to all my money spent on food this month. 

18 hours fasting from 3am-9pm is no joke but i'm not dying. As long as aku terdampar bak ikan paus, i iz fine. Tapi kalau aku ada essay submission, kena buat after sahur masa tengah kenyang hahah kalau tak memang ke laut china selatan. But everytime kawan non-muslim aku tanya tak penat ke puasa, tak lapar ke, "if i were you im sure i'll die" comments that I got, I just replied with my grumbling stomach *muka seposen* I'm type of person who alwaaaaaays eat and never skip any meal, so definitely 100% dotcomdotmy aku lapar! πŸ˜‚ But that's the point of puasa kan untuk rasa apa yang orang tak berkemampuan rasa so kita lebih bersyukur 

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WOW GITU SISTUR #sistry #tutupmajliskita #dengantasbihkafarah #surahalasr

Now let's pray syadin lose weight instead of gaining this ramadhan and syawal. I just have 2 months left before going back to malaysia and all makcik pakcik tokyah tokyem will definitely say "wah eera nampak makin sihat" if they see me now (as if aku tak faham "sihat" tu apa maksudnya πŸ˜ )

Alhamdulillah for the result, another 3 years!

Thursday, May 24, 2018

I'm baaaackk

I havent posted anything for agessssss hahah omg this blog already missed all the milestone i had for the entire year πŸ˜‚ Somehow amazed macam mana dulu keep on updating even in seseri and kmb, uni pack jugak tapi the fact yang aku dah habis exam almost one month ago and there's not a single post at all nampaknya tu alasan semata mata gais pls syadin 

Anyway all this while, aku sedar #1 reader of my almost-unexisting-berhantu blog is no other than ayah hahah! He is the one calling me each day and ask "taknak update blog ke" like i wonder ayah ni betul betul check on blog aku ke macam mana? Maybe that's the reason why he made an instagram account (CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT MY DAD!!! ONLY KNOW HOW TO USE WHATSAPP AND EMAIL! HAVE AN INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT???) He made an excuse "nak pantau anak anak" which actually means "whenever i have free time and i already finished reading and replying all the whatsapp msges, now I can stalk my daughters on instagram" 

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Bila ayah send follow request, i was like "OMG AYAH ADA IG ACCOUNT???" on family whatsapp group and tanya siapa pandai buatkan ni?!? It turned out he made it by himself. Wow ayah, achievement unlocked. Just would like to clarify im the first daughter yang approve ayah on ig, i'm so kind right i know (despite all the hesitation er should i or should i not? Can i post everything i want after this? HAHAH *drama*) And last week he replied my ig story for the first time sbb before this usha je tak reply kiki

Anyway i'm not that surprise, ayah keeps on stalking me on twitter as well. People on twitter reply my tweet by tweeting but ayah step up the game bruh he replies my tweet by calling me why-you-tweet-like-that. See? *daddy's gal*

*omg ranting on blog is soooo fun how can i'm not doing it for so long??*

The purpose of my blog (years ago, initially) is to write things insignificantly-significant that happened in my life memandang iolls punya memory is a bit off, whenever i read back my post i swear 75% of it i can't remember at all. 

But things just go wrong nowadays, i don't even post anything zz ok last 5th May was my birthday and it was so good i like it and Aisyah came and surprised me all the way from Galway to London when her exam was finally over. That was a surprise which i was actually surprised lol (if you get what i mean and yes i screamed for sure). I knew something was wrong she kept on checking on me esok plan kau apa, kau tgh tidur ke yada yada to be fair we actually keep on checking each other but that day it was not subtle enough πŸ˜‚ but i didnt expect her to walk into my room with candles on muffin and kfc bucket omg what did i do to deserve ppl like this 

*i cant believe i didnt take any pic that day lmao thats how surprised i am*

See if i didn't write about this i bet 2 years later i vaguely remember "oh ada eh, haah lah kau surprise aku kat malaysia kan eh tak tak london eh" so you better continue writing pls syadin 

So yesterday, after so long behaving and not embarrassing myself in public i finally did one! *face palm* Aku pergi pros lab to do teeth model casting and set it on articulator (i finally did my first ever articulation yesterday like my first baby anak sulung but i know i gonna be sick doing 84379502 of it later) and whenever dalam pros lab kena pakai lab coat. Suddenly one tutor came to me and asked "who touch you on your bum?" 

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"There's hand print on your bum, what happened" lepastu semua orang dekat dalam lab tu dengan head tutor sekali pandang aku. Within that 10 seconds my mind flashback did any of my girlfriends pat on my butt......? No, sekali pun aku tak perasan. And the tension was building up since all eyes on me, otak aku takleh fikir straight dah so nervous jap 

then rasa mcm ada satu penampar virtually in my brain, i realised "ohhh um i thinkk that's my own handprint hahahahah!" and they were all laughing at me πŸ˜‚ syadin is so dumb adoi. The tutor was like "thank god i thought there's something wrong happened, i'm thinking should i contact student support office" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ basically the tutor thought somebody is harassing me but turned up im 'harassing' myself lmao but the good point bila tengok tutor concern gila hahah my bad! 

Happy fasting to all muslims! πŸ’œ I really hope this year my nieces tak curi curi minum daripada air paip, they already skipped their first day since they missed sahur sabar je lah. 7th day puasa and i already missed sahur 3 times. Lmao how i always wake up 10 mins after subuh zz 

Saturday, February 3, 2018


Aku kan duk lah dari dulu tengok drama korea tak sudah (dont judge) lepastu sometimes there is scene where they got bleeding nose while they are studying. Ni dah mcm typical gila ah kalau stok stok drama sekolah korea ni revise lebih sikit je eh nak berdarah hidung. Aku rasa kat seseri ke kmb org belajar jugak sampai tak tidur malam tapi paling teruk pun keluar air mata tak pernah pulak aku tgk keluar darah dekat hidung

Dekat Malaysia pulak, kalau hidung berdarah je ohhh panas lah tu. Taktahu lah apa yang panas, badan panas ke weather panas maybe dua dua hahah. First time aku hidung berdarah masa darjah satu. Aku takut and TAKNAK pergi sekolah. Aku memang species perangai sikit ye lah baru pindah dari johor pergi Selangor, so aku akan buat drama setiap pagi. Tu yang penat tu, kau bayangkan berapa episode drama aku nak fikir dalam seminggu? Sebulan? Enam bulan? Idea dah lah kena fresh je setiap pagi takkan setiap hari nak demam kan heheh

BUT that time ibu ayah mcm kejap bg greenlight ponteng kejap tak bagi so dia depends atas lakonan aku hahaha. So either malam sebelum or after bangun pagi nak pergi sekolah tu aku dah siap siap fikir idea nak buat drama apa pulak 😏so that one day aku decide ok harini kita buat nak muntah pulak. ANNOYING KAN PERANGAI SYAHEERA TAJUDDIN MASA KECIK, ni kalau aku dapat anak species aku ni i'll be like 

Related image

"no gal, been there done that! Sorry but sifu is in front of you, just saying!"  

So aku after breakfast aku dah ready nak buat buat muntah dekat sink, bukak air paip lepastu buat muntah lak uwek uwekkk sekali aku nampak dekat sink ada darah..................... I was like opps i dont ask for this but i got a prop. Scary prop 😐For 3 seconds, little syaheera wondered eh sakit betul betul ke ni...... Lepastu aku jerit IBUUUUU DARAAAAAH and ibu ayah were so calm oh hidung lah darah. Lega gila bapak aku masa tu ingatkan tekak keluar darah πŸ˜‚ Anyway aku dapat cuti that day, thanks to my bleeding nose!

Sekali last week, aku duduk library on the weekend for half of the day (ICA is coming next week thats why lmao), and then balik rumah masuk toilet and tengok cermin be like 

Image result for bleeding nose gif

o m g 

i was trying to be chill, lek syadin you are adult now not 7 anymore so bleeding nose is.....? Nothing!! but then my hands were straight searching for Dr Google "why my nose is bleeding" HAHAHAHA ok it was not hot but cold in london at that moment (if ikut malaysia), exam is coming next week but it was too early to stress (if ikut all korean drama). Aku tak terlanggar dinding ke apa apa (yet), so I think maybe weather kot since London bit cold lepastu dry air or skin maybe idk but syadin iz chill!...... πŸ˜•but ibu ayah were not here to see my bleeding nose aisehman maybe i should take selfie before i freak out and basuh my nose lmao

that was just how i got my first nosebleed in 15 years plus in abroad some more. sounds so wth that's not something to brag but thats fine at least aku tak jumpa siapa siapa masa hidung aku berdarah or else it was gonna be syadin's embarrassing moment part 26849102

Tuesday, December 12, 2017


Guess what last week mimpi ibu ayah and uda datang london. For a person like me who hardly and barely remember my own dream (i forgot 19 out of 20 dreams i swear), that dream was touching, heartbreaking and funny at the same time *idk what kind of emoji suits best so lets pretend theres emoji here*

A day before mimpi tu ada video call ibu ayah and cakap pasal datang london pot pet pot pet and then thats it lah kan tak fikir banyak pun. And aku tahu uda mcm mana pun takleh dtg london sbb ibu warning dia kena simpan cuti kerja dia for god knows what reason lets stay within the family (bit silly one i'd say lmao). 

Lepastuuuu, malam esoknya aku mimpi ibu, ayah and uda datang. Datang yang tak bagitahu tiba-tiba dieorang "SURPRISEEEE" mcm eric leong casa impian tu. And the dream was tooooo realistic idk why the feels tu mcm real gilaaa sebab aku betul betul terkejut, aku tanya banyak kali "ASAL TAK BAGITAHU?!" "BILA SAMPAI?" "BUKAN EERA BARU CALL KE?" (yeah even dalam mimpi pun aku tahu aku baru call bunyi mcm real kan)

Image result for surprised gif

Ok that's the touching part my family came to london to surprise me (mimpi je pun touching tau #drama)

And then comes the funny one, selalu nya kalau dalam movie or reality kan kalau dia nak check ni mimpi ke betul dia akan cubit or tampar diri dia sendiri kan? So kalau sakit tu maksudnya real lah! Aku selalu fikir dah kau terfikir nak tampar tu sah sah lah bukan mimpi, kalau mimpi kau tak ingat dah nak tampar ke apa. 

Silap besaaaar, aku punya tak percaya and terkejut dalam mimpi tu aku boleh terfikir untuk tampar diri sendiri sbb nak check. How. on. earth. I. manage. to. think. critically. while. dreaming #YasICaaaaaan Not once, not twice tapi berkali kali hahahaha so basically im so dramatic in real life and in dreams as well 

Image result for self slapping gif

But it was so heartbreaking bila aku tak rasa sakit........... So by that time I knew, ohhhh ni mimpi je...... then i was so emotional lepastu aku duk lah tampar muka aku banyak kali sampai nak rasa sakit tu but then betul betul tak sakit hahahah sedih do, i look so pathetic even in my dream omg be realistic do syaheera tajuddin sekali sudah lah accept it was just a dream duhhhhh *roll eyes* 

So that was my first time to realize in a dream that it was just a dream

And probably one of the reasons aku susah betul nak ingat mimpi maybe sbb aku tidur mati mcm kayu balak or ikan paus terdampar OR it is the best for me at least i wont feel sad if it is a heartbreaking dream hahaha ok stop drama syadin!

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Day trip to Cambridge

A great weekend with a great company.

I mentioned in previous post kan, Iman came to London. All the way from India. Masa iman whatsapp bgtahu plan dia tu the first thing aku tanya "weh banyak nya kau save allowance......... LOL" The last day I met Iman was probably on our graduation day, lama gila kan lmao. I still remember, back in our 1st year in kmb we still thought we bounded to Ireland, as long as we get decent result we'll be there. Little did we know, Allah is the best planner. And the fact that she's coming, and this is our first time together abroad so I should make this memorable! I need to be abit extra lmao, for my clingy iman anything oso can!

Aku fikir lah I want to experience something new with Iman, taknak lah duk bawak pi jalan london je which aku dah buat dekat org lain buat kali yg ke 8726308th (propa sikit lah) Since aku tak pernah lah terfikir nak jadi student cambridge, and aku tak pernah pergi cambridge so a day trip to Cambridge from London should be fine.

Bila lagi nak acah student cambridge ye dok hm 

An unknown chapel

Pergi Cambridge naik train from London King's Cross which is quite cheap tbh maybe sbb return on the same day. Now, I have my railcard so bye guys you not gonna see me in London for the weekend anymore hehe jk finally after setahun aku tahan takda railcard duk lah naik bas berjam-jam! The journey was not thaaat long probably 1hour and 30mins kot? Tapi the train was full I could barely sit :( I prefer to have a seat next to window but then that time everytime I wanted to look at the outside aku rasa mcm pakcik sebelah aku rasa di-usha -_-" 

Cambridge is not that big, you dont even need to get daily pass for the bus guna je lah khidmat percuma kaki sendiri muehehe everything is just walking distance utk org org darah muda (dan darah student aka darah cheapskate) Tapi kalau nak bawak ibu ayah ke sini maybe lah kena consider faktor usia (dan faktor duit jugak lah time to pau! hehe!)

Keluar train station, the first thing we did; withdraw cash! Ni lah downside of being cashless (meaning we tap debit card everywhere but still applicable with literal meaning kurang-cash haha). We planned to do punting tapi mana lah sampan atas air tu ada mesin debit card. And then we walked all the way to punting waiting area depan an unknown chapel lmao. Is it just me or I found there's alooooot of chapels in Cambridge. Every 15 minutes walk, mesti ada satu! 

And since we still got a lot of time, we went inside a few chapels. Sepanjang aku hidup, tak pernah aku masuk banyak chapel mcm haritu lol. Don't worry we are open-minded but still know the boundaries, tapi insecure gak ah mula mula 4 orang hijabis masuk chapel rasa berdosa and mcm orang usha but that was just us being self-conscious hahah takda siapa pun kisah pasal kiteorang lantak kau lah nak buat apa dalam tu. 

my dear stranger, i get it the leaves look so nice but our faces? so jauh i crey???

And there was a big market, a decent one for souvenirs or food or clothes. Boleh lah nak beli fridge magnet untuk satu kampung. There was an official cambridge uni gift shop as well tapi harga dia pun ala ala semangat kamikaze sikit lah taknak kalah gitu berani mati. We just bought souvenirs from the market, not bad as you could barely tell the difference (which in my case aku selalu takleh beza so 😎)

We decided to do punting! Punting tu yang naik sampan pastu kau dayung lah sepanjang river to mcm ala ala naik gondola kat venice tapi tu mahal sangat so tu kena menabung, ni kita start slow slow lah, which was punting in Cambridge πŸ˜‚I'd say this was the highligggght of our trip! Funny how we had our highlight so fast when ppl said save best for the last?! Faktor cuaca kena amik kira do, kang duk ber-punting sekali mendung/hujan satu sen pence pun tak guna ye dok

I couldnt remember whats the punting price for each person but that was affordable and reasonable, considering punting itself is hard. Boleh je mcm acah acah nak experience sendiri control your own sampan and it is cheaper BUT believe me it is sooo hard, just take the one with the guide. He'll do the punting for you. We bumped into loooots of punts esp those who decided to do the punting on their own. And we saw a girl did the punting and then the boyfriend just duk gelakkan the girl, four of us already ready to give the wth-you-laugh-at-be-gentleman-and-do-the-punting judging look πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

ni lah pakcik pendayung yang minum air tumpah kena shawl aku tu πŸ’†πŸ’†

ha dayung pakcik dayung

amboi sempat posing pakcik ni

Our punt muat 12 orang, and kiteorang dah awal awal suruh Iman duduk sebelah this one stranger man ni sbb semua taknak duduk situ πŸ˜‚tapi lama lama kiteorang usha, handsome pulak laki ni hahaha! Lepastu semua mcm menyesal aku patut duduk tempat iman tadi! Sepanjang punting session tu kiteorang duk "weh Iman, kacak teruk laki sebelah kau ni", I bet he knew we were talking about him mana tak nyaaaa......

betapa banyak gambar lelaki ni dalam phone aku πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I even make sure his gf was out of camera, so just ada iman dengan this man je (find a friend like me gals) hahaha he makes all the pictures became waaaay better I swear

Punting was great! A must-do!!

Iman & Syameem

And then we went to King's College. Basically, University of Cambridge ni banyak naw college nya. Ada yang free je nak masuk. Ada yang grand or popular sikit kena bayar. We found on internet, ppl recommend King's College so here we go 😎 We couldnt be bothered to go to all college, so we just chose one for the paid admission. 

Loving the weather! Lighting so on point

 Smiling I-moon (sbb mcm bulan hahah)

Nae saram

Lepastu we searched for halal restaurant tapi malas nak jalan jauh-jauh lol, nasib baik we found Chopstix and aku tergerak hati nak baca kertas dekat tingkap tu tulis apa. It's halal! So semua memang dah kebulur, dapat makanan semua terus ada moment of silence. We walked a bit and went to Fitzwilliam Museum tapi being us who were not interested in arts at all, masuk museum semua cari kerusi nak duduk and main phone πŸ˜‚

And then we went back to King's College to get into its famous chapel. It is veryyyy big and veryyy artsy, its architecture memang nice. Kiteorang sempat dengar its chapel service tapi keluar awal sebab taknak kacau orang nak beribadah hahahah. 

Cambridge was great. Especially for a weekend day trip. Cambridge itself is so small, you don't really need long time to go everywhere, kiteorang yang malas nak jalan lols. Totally agree, a great weekend with a great company!

bye guys thanks for coming xo

Thursday, October 26, 2017

tipah tertipu

I am still amazed at my kemalasan tahap langit ke tujuh when it comes to updating blog.

So basically since last month kot, I've been planning to go to Belfast. The moment I got my timetable, the first thing that I searched; WHEN IS MY FREE DAY?! So yeah ok i dont have reading week (again) so instead i was searching for friday or monday off so I can go jalan jalan on the weekend (thats how desperate I am) (Don't need holiday, weekend also can)

So I found this one week which I (suprisingly) have friday and monday off so 4 hari cuti lah kan, I asap call aisyah weh jom pergi belfast nak!!! Belfast is actually northern part of ireland but still considered UK. The latter part excites me hehehe so I don't have to convert my pound to euro, I can spend money like I plant money in my backyard (which I dont have backyard. And the money too.)

Related image

^ this is me spending my invisible money

Mesti orang lain mcm alahai kuchi kuchi pergi belfast je pun mcm jauh naw, hello sayang ku intan payung I just have a weekend kot which means 2 days if you dont know, nak buat mcm mana ye dok. I still get into flights plus the flight journey tu I'm all alone sobs so my inner self already consider this trip jauh *nods* 

Related image
so 2 days in belfast, and 1 day in dublin muehehehe


When I'm all excited waiting for weekend to come, suddenly wednesday mid of the week everything keeps appearing. Non-stop. Deadlines. Presentation. Meeting. I need to do research for PBL and submit my slides to my groupmates a day after I come back from the trip. And on the same week, another deadline aucak me this morning, aku hanya mampu tersenyum ibarat kambing gurun sahara yang nampak baldi ingat ada air rupanya kosong. Tipu gila you said I have free day on the weekend....................

So at least I got friday off to settle everythaaaaaang, I'll promise myself I wont submit blank slides (kahkah) and to get everything sorted sebagai contoh untuk tak bazir masa and tulis post ni panjang panjang. 

Kalau ada sesiapa yang rasa kepala dia ting tong, ketahuilah harini ada sorang groupmate aku suggest pasang lagu Toxic Britney spears jadi lagu background sepanjang presentation kiteorang yang discuss pasal toxicity πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚Ketahuilah, anda masih normal.

Iman came all the way from India to London. If this is not love and pren4ever then what is lmao. We finally met after 1 year just whatsapp and facetime -ing each other, which before this we met almost everyday back in college. Already miss clingy Iman! 

Wednesday, September 20, 2017


Now ady 3rd week of 2nd year, penaaaaaaat. Absolutely bukan penat belajar *cough*, tapi penat settle down yang tak berapa nak settle lagi ni. Finally i moved in!! Physically but not yet spiritually, hati tertinggal dekat msia *cue start drama* *100 episodes* Tapi i'm still in love with my new hse mueheheh maybe sbb cari rumah ni sendiri so the sentimental value over sikit like finally syadin grow up ady my first baby adult step! I did everything from the searching, viewing sampai lah move in 

I. am. so. adult. pls no more immature syadin πŸ‘€πŸ‘€ acahhh

Last week there was this one lecture, and aku datang lambat sikit so the only place available hujung hujung hall gitu. The thing was aku tak dengar and tak faham sepatah habuk lah this invited guest cakap pebenda, i thought it was just me. Probably because of the accent and plus I'm a bit pekak so yeah 😐 Rupanya lepas tanya ppl around me, everyone in my side mmg tak dengar langsung probably because the hall was so big it became echo-ey. 

TIBA TIBA this guest picked student one by one and asked question. Aku dah mcm ah sudah dont you ever pick on meeeeeeeee. Sekali dia makin move ke side aku. Dalam hati aku dah gelabah dah. Luckilyyyy, dia tanya another student who sat next 3 seats from me. Aku mcm phew. I dont know what was the question tapi that boy jawab "I think i'll be upset" 

Sekali dia gerak one step forward, and point at me (unlucky balik), AT MEEEEE OKKK "what about you?"

"........ me?"

Image result for me? gif

"yes, you!"

.................. *5 seconds of silence which also the longest 5 seconds I've ever had in my entireeeee life, i could even mumbling in my mind like shoooooooot shoot whats the question doh adoi kalau tanya balik kantoi tak dengar langsung wth wth

so i just decided to redah with 

"i think i'll be upset, too." 

ok so basically aku just copy org sebelah aku punya jawapan but aku tambah too which (i assume) make a different lels

That was how "too" save my entire day muahaha! 😈