Thursday, June 8, 2017

One day trip to Brighton & 7 Sisters Country Park

Uhm, so far this is the best one day trip I've ever had. A week before final ada revision week so lecturers email suruh dtg revision session yada yada. Somehow the point where the revision session tu useful hanyalah untuk sedarkan yang kau tak cover banyak benda lagi. So it was stressful at the moment, sampai bilik aku dah tak macam bilik dah. Macam tongkang pecah then dinding bilik berconteng sampai at one point aku fed up bukan sebab belajar tak masuk, tapi sakit sangat mata tengok bilik πŸ‘»

Bila dah dengar aku pergi dapur amik vacuum tu maksudnya my room was in K.O state lol. After spring clean dia rasa macam wow nak amik gambar hantar dekat ibu but yeah guess sampai the next how many hours je it would stay that clean 😎

So aku lepak bilik Limli (probably due to my room condition as well idk haha) and i walked out from her room with money walking out from my bank account as well. Lol we suddenly tired of studying and ended up planning for one day trip. To be exact, THREE ONE-DAY TRIPS. Different location. TWO OF THEM are consecutive, exactly the next day final paper. Because we have this "I-need-to-get-out-from-London" moment ugh 😀

The well-planned was only for brighton because both of us memang nak pergi sana, the next two location tu Northampton and Birmingham. And guess what mcm mana kiteorang pilih? Bukak google map UK and each of us pilih satu tempat, ran. dom. ly. Sumpaaaaaah jangan ikut lah perangai mcm ni, we ended up buying tickets to northampton straight away and our other flatmates bagitau there is legit nothing in Northampton. Some of them don't even know where the hell is Northampton. Reaction dieorang mcm "Northampton? Ahaaaaa such thing exists...?"

To brighton we go πŸ’¨

Anyway kiteorang pergi there by bus. All our one day trips semua naik bas hahahah gigih kan i know, first because we are cheap. Second because we dont have railway card, train tix were so expensive at that moment and we are cheap. Third, we already finished our exam and we have lots of time to waste willingly on the bus and we are cheap. 😁

Ni first time pergi and tengok beach or sea side view here and it is not THAAAAT far from london so okay laaaah. And one thing, Brighton ni best lah okay lah. Especially kalau nak berjemur ke apa, but uhm we are both from Asia and we don't really love sun that much, we can "enjoy" the sun masa cuti summer. Orang kata pergi jangan weekend sebab ramai gilos, so we went on weekdays and that was just nice ah. 

One thing I love here, jangan datang sini expect kau jumpa beach sand because they have the pebbles instead, i loike! Rasa macam nak bawak balik satu tapi takut kang hantu laut ikut aku balik, satu sen tak guna (don't watch too much k-horror movie like syadin eheh)

Brighton popular dia punya rides attraction tapi tak sure ada masa weekdays ke lol. We absolutely not coming there for the rides so we couldnt be bothered mueheh. Who need rollercoaster when you can watch korean drama and have roller coaster emotion going up and down in one episode πŸ’

Limli's hairs want to say hi! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Jangan datang masa winter mesti angin dia sejuk gila nak meninggal. Ni pun quite windy but then sunny. So mat mat salleh do bertebaran atas pebbles ni. Aku nak join baring, tapi bukan untuk sunbathing lah gila apa, tapi sumpah masa tu aku nak sambung tidur hahaha (having trip next day after final paper is a big no-no!! Sbb selalunya time tu lah nak qadak tidur kan ugh syadin stop being impromptu ajet ajet adventurous je kau)

Find a friend who is willing to do embarrassing stuff with you; ME 

But then Limli said no no no we need to catch the next bus. So aku takleh baring acah mat salleh aka sambung tidur, aku heret lah kaki aku pergi town center nak cari bus. Kalau baca travel blog orang, banyak je yang recommend pergi a few famous food and vintage market, tapi we have another plan. We need to cleanse our eyes and purify our soul to the real real real bitch beach. Brighton is not a legit beach pada pendapat aku lah.

So if you google Seven Sisters Country Park, you can go there by bus from brighton town center tau. And based on google picture, cantik gilaaaa like cantik ah cun air laut sama biru dengan langit ecewah gitu. Tapi aku mcm skeptical sikit lah, kalau search klcc pun keluar gambar cun tapi cuba bayangkan pergi kena pulak hari jerebu haaa gitu (but i love klcc) (my best night view all the time)


Aku tahu ni bunyi mcm wth sikit tapi we acted as if we are family then buy the family package network saver hahahaha so it was 5pound each. Kalau tak mahal lagi πŸ˜‚This one is unlimited day pass so worth it absolutelyyy. I know celah mana family based on our appearance but pls gang, kawan kan family juga hahaha. 

So one hour bus ride to the cliff, got a nice upper deck seats sebab dia macam tourist bus jugak. Dia akan announce popular spots sepanjang journey so boleh sneak peek from the window. Tapi bus ni banyak naw berhenti dia sampai aku pening mcm gang mak mak mengandung anak first gitu, should have bring some sweets 😷 So we spent 3 hours plus up there at the cliff; 2 hours return journey and 1 hour plus dekat cliff (jalan 10 langkah stop amik gambar memang lah πŸ˜€)

Sebab kiteorang memang jenis datang tanpa preparation hahah, kiteorang pergi lah customer services center nak tanya cemana nak sampai cliff tu sebenarnya. Dieorang helpful gila lah, dapat pulak dua ekor macam aku dgn limli ni the newborn dumb and dumber. Kiteorang dah tanya then keluar confident jalan then confuse lepastu u-turn balik nak suruh explain balik jalan dia hahahha 

So they have these two route; a loooooonger walk and a bit hiking with best view OR a still long but shorter walk than the first one, no hiking but with good view. So kiteorang mcm dalam dilema wanita lah nak best view tapi takda masa (downside one day trip lels) but then we couldn't be bothered to hike some more like ugh walking to kitchen is my one and only daily exercise come on guys πŸ’

So we google the picture from the second route. Still OK kalau tanya aku, cantik je aku rasa hahah so we chose the shorter walk but good view. Takpalah the best view tu nanti lah bawak suami dengan anak anak hahahaha waklu. 

Water sparkle brighter than my future

One of reasons 20 mins walk can be 1 hour walk. 

Another reason.

And then sampai the cliff, i mean the beach (sbb kita tak hike pun lols) and it was uhhh-maaaae-zing. Untuk aku yang hard but still kind of easy to please ni 😏 it was worth it the 2 hours return journey and i was glad limli duk insist we need to go there daripada exploring brighton je. Maybe sebab we are both more to nature and tired of city...... and whitechapel ahah!


it was better in real life tbh

and don't forget the most cliche yet necessary primary sch girl name-on-the-sand picture 😁

Anyway aku excited lah, i found my travel partner already muehehe. Dah lah everytime makan dia akan consider aku punya halal needs, teman aku pergi fitting room nak solat ahah! Lepastu dia lah bagi idea suruh jadi family for the bus tix. So aku rasa kalau nak cari travel partner tu kena sama wavelength kepala dengan budget jugak. Dengan ability and kesabaran amik gambar pun kena sama level (a must) (we ticked all the box in the list)

a picture worth to be upload

and a picture worth the laugh; homeless pose

astgafirullah sister remember ikhtilat


And then by that time aku dah kebulur. gila. yang takleh brain punya lapar. So a night before datang tu limli nak makan fish and chips sebab "we are at the sea side, we should at least have fish and chips!" so aku mcm ok lah nak okay je dah lama tak makan ikan pun lels so she found this one so-called the best fish and chips in Brighton, Bankers. Plus, i can trust limli when it comes to food hahah masa datang there was one buy-one-free-one main meal promotion. With the same price and quality, you can get two meals, why not!!! Dah lah fries beso beso sedap nyaaa kan best kalau ada sos kimball ke sos life ke ugh

long and big. we even order two different fishes, and the cut half and then share and then realized we couldn't notice any differences between these two ahah remember we are a bit dumb anyway 😎

bila dah kenyang tapi kena pergi last stop; beach hut.

Kiteorang tak sempat tau pergi beach hut ni sebenarnya. Tapi dia macam our must-go-list. So kiteorang pergi jugak hahah so we ended up tunggu bas balik coach station dalam kecuakkan, kiteorang hampir call uber. Sebab bus back to london dah nak jalaaaan, kiteorang kena lari sepanjang bus stop ke coach station mcm mad potatoes takpun sarung nangka berlari. Sampai coach station tu memang dah macam sayur kangkung, and kiteorang memang the last passenger yang masuk. Aku rasa kalau stop lari sikit mungkin aku dah tidur tepi brighton pier tu agaknya πŸ˜…

it was good πŸ‘­

Thursday, June 1, 2017

First ramadhan

At laaaaaaaast hellOOOO (lo lo lo lo....) acah echo sikit lah lama tak update hahahah! Now literally one month after final exam then finally all my sembang nak update blog after exam all drained to nearest longkang parit dan sewaktu dengan nya 😎 Whenever I was not with my laptop and went here and there I was like ok need to blog this, ni pun kena, ok ni pun, ok this one kena cerita tapi hiperbola upp sikit but see where are all the posts! nothing!! none!

Ni lah jadi bila dah ada instastory, i update stupid little things i swear ppl probably a bit annoyed (esp bila first story ramai view then makin lama view story kurang sorg demi sorg hahahah eleh lek ah) i tried not to update. i tried to restrain myself. But updating a post for blog need soooo much effort i always end up spending at least one hour for a post but if story kan i can spam all daaaay

So guess what! Since sebelum exam, I got no time nak jalan jalan and hypnotize diri sendiri "delayed gratification" "work hard now, later play harder lah" "i swear i give you one week of sleep" so aku duduk dekat London for another one month. Even dah habis exam. Haaaa buat lah apa nak buat, pergi lah nak pergi mana, beli lah nak beli apa. Bright side; I got the chance to experience first ramadhan here in UK! Yaaaaay! And I'm not alone at the moment. Aisyah is with me hehehe that's coOl

Not-so-bright side; 18 jam...... puasa. Malaysia 13 jam. Aku mcm takleh brain memula. Seriously? 18 jam? Time untuk makan 6 jam je walaweh. This is legit my first time. Tak pernah puasa dekat UK even sunat or ganti or winter (sbb puasa masa winter pendek je sbb malam panjang wakaka) sebab aku jenis sahur nasi and nak fikir utk masak nasi utk sahur mcm effort sangat (ok ye aku malas sikit)

But to be honest, aku betul betul betul nak experience puasa sini. Like I want to compare lah lain ke or sama. Even within these one month i went to random places just for the sake of "experience" since later my study mode turn on takda masa nak experience all these little things. So first thing, I went to east london mosque just to experience with tarawih night with the locals! The mosque sebelah student hall aku je, sangat convenient semua walking distance. pahala di mana mana sahaja wah gitu xoxo ceramah akak naqibah syadin hehe jk

And then aku keluar, then i saw familiar faces but they were wearing hijab and i was like ooh ok siapa tu.........

coursemate aku rupanya lels 😍

the one next to me is my flatmate pastu dia baru start pakai hijab a month before ramadhan sebab dia cerita dia memang nak pakai tapi she thought probably after kahwin but suddenly she got this feeling "why not now" and tadaaaaa one day aku jumpa dia dekat kitchen and dia cakap "i started wearing hijab since last week" and you know the "sERIOUSLYYyY Wuuuu"-girls-moment. Yang tinggi tu mmg omputih ah and gila open-minded sbb dia just nak try pakai tudung. Aku cam mak ai lawa nya. Dah lah yang amik gambar ni mak dia, and bila mak dia dgr we the muslims nak pergi mosque her mom was like "if you want to see and join them then just go, i don't mind". The last one pun flatmate guwe, ni pun aku terkejut pakai tudung pretty isn't it!

And then pergi mosque tu, jumpa ramai makcik makcik bangsa benggali (wujud ke) ramai gilaaa, and then they made me confuse. Dieorang tak faham english, seriously makcikkk πŸ˜•πŸ˜• Pastu dia cakap bahasa benggali ke urdu dia, aku tercengang. Aku reply in english, dieorang pulak tercengang. Pastu dedua tercengang pastu aku gerak dulu lah hahah. Aku ingat tak ramai. Aku tahu floor 2 full, so aku naik floor 3. Hall besar gila. Rupanya the mosque kena bukak sampai 5 FREAKING FLOORS TO ACCOMODATE EVERYONE. Gila ah hahaha

Tarawih dia almost the same. Bacaan dia tak panjang tak pendek. Tak laju ke, speed dia normal. Aku expect kalau imam dari arab ke laju agaknya bacaan. Tapi last last tak pun hahah. Same, how the moms still bring their kids to mosque even anak nya kecik kecik lagi alahai letih aku tengok si anak-anak. Budak budak pun menangis mcm dekat Malaysia jugak, jalan ke hulur ke hilir kalau letak spec atas sejadah memang silap besar. Mula-mula sorang nangis, pastu sorg pulak nangis berharmoni pulak, sekali ek eh join lagi sorang haaa dah jadi mcm Tiga Suara Jaclynn Victor Ning Baizura dgn Shila Hamzah version ramadhan album 😝

Sahur bebetul makan dengan mindset "makan do nak puasa 18 jam ni!!" Over kan 😎 The next day pergi Nottingham and jumpa Su. Secret not to feel homesick in Ramadhan is to celebrate with your friends! And cook malaysian food. Then later the time will pass in no time.

Lontong lels

Kelmarin pergi Malaysia Hall sebab saja, Nak experience makan sana pulak lols. Msia Hall was okay, so Malaysian with the teh tarik, roti john, tempe yada yada. Plus it was free and dapat makan ikan lels. I'm so done with chicken πŸ˜’

18 hours tu panjang. Gila tak panjang. But it is still bearable. The first two days tak lapar langsung or is it just me ahah!

Tak sabar nak balik nak pergi bazar ramadhaan nak cendol nak taufofaa ugh. Warning myself for the future weight gain *cries* xx,

Syaheera Tajuddin

Monday, May 8, 2017

BDS1; Checked!!

I love this picture since i look tall unlike in real life lols, i can see limli's chanel, yong's jesus sandal and natalie at the back since she couldnt climb over the gate there sebab seluar clinical ketat sangat hahahahah plus we did syaheera's obligatory pose wallaaaa!!

This picture was taken right after OSCE's exam. Horror gila. That was my first time osce exam and it was mindblown. Tang tang camni lah baru rasa macam kita ni bound to be theory kind of person yang not clinical enough ingatkan high school je buat experiment selalu tak jadi hahah but thaaaaat's fine sometimes you win sometimes you learn gitu #sedapkanhati #syadinboleh #takbolehkitabolehkan

So how was exam? dreadful but not dead yet. My last paper syndrome game was strong, I bet everyone felt the same thing sampai last paper aku was spotter anatomy hahah aku taktahu jawapan pun aku tawakal je lah bantai je nak buat mcm mana aku letak serunding dalam rak mana pun lupa inikan nak ingat tulang tulang manusia ni. Pharmacology pun mindblown, great thing i didnt opt for pharmacy. I owe myself big time. 

Aku still tak boleh get over aku punya osce exam walao that was my top 3 wall of shame- embarrassing moment in my entire life ok. No matter how horrible the stories shared among us after osce, still no one could beat mine. So ada 13 stations for osce, 2 rest station and 11 active station. Rest station was the only station i could gather all my shits and get back to my sense this is not the right time to mess around (but still I did)

So before masuk clinics tu aku mmg dah practise segala benda ah satu pun tak tinggal. And masa nak masuk tu, i went to my first station. Baca arahan; dem saaaan i got intra oral examination. For my. First. Station. *gasping for air* Tapi aku mcm okay lek lek kita dah practise dah benda ni, kita boleh settle. Pastu bell bunyi maksudnya station dah start. 

Ada lecturer aku jadi examiner yang observe aku, nasib baik lah dapat yang baik hati pemurah dgn senyuman dan sedap mata memandang. Aku nak start lah dengan pakai glove, tapi mmg dah tahu masalah aku ni size S kecik sangat, size M besar sangat. Tapi sbb kena marah sbb pakai size M, aku amiklah size S time tu. Sekali tangan aku tak boleh masuk. Aku dah mcm aih tak lawak lahhh, then lecturer aku cakap "thats ok take your time", aku igt sbb aku tak kuat kot so i put force on my hands sekali.....

GLOVE AKU TERKOYAK, TANGAN AKU TERKELUAR 😭😭😭😭 Terkejut examiner weh! Dalam hati aku dah mencarut dekat diri sendiri. Aku hanya mampu sengih mcm kerang busuk and amik glove baru, tapi tak masuk jugak 😞. So basically, I changed my glove twice and it took me almost 2 minutes just to wear the glove. Not the task of the station. Wth. So I was like RIP-ing myself for the entire a few minutes left in that station. I managed to wear glove after 3rd time changing it and did the task but that was so unprofessional. I was so flustered in that station. Aku tak buat pun benda yang aku practise walao that was just typical syadin. 

Aku pun carry on lah dengan next 9 stations sbb nak sedih sedih first station pun takda guna gak. Sampai lah last station, kena check blood pressure patient guna alat yang pam pam tu. I practiced this so many times verbally, even once with the instrument. Aku mcm ok safe this one boleh settle. Sekali aku dgn confident nya dah hello patients pung pang pung pang explain pasal bp, masa aku tgh pam tu the strap instead of constrict the upper arm, dia inflate jadi belon 😭😭 Maaaaaan, i was so flustered tapi aku dah muka tembok aku sengih sengih je cakap sorry and bukak balik. 

I tried again but failed. And tried again. Still failed. Ok maybe cara aku salah so aku try again. Still failed. ROSAK KE DOH UGHHH SYADIN PLS???? NOT NOW? And then time's up. Aku tak dapat reading dia ha-ha-ha syadin is dumb. So aku end up said sorry and explained my fault instead doing the task 😞 And you know whats funny, the patient held my hands and assured me while nodding her head "Believe me, that's ok" 😭😭 That helps but still it was not okay πŸ’”πŸ’” now aku fikir balik instead of aku dapat blood pressure dia and assure bp dia okay, aku pulak yang jadi mcm patient yang di-assure hahah! Syadin syadinnnnn *facepalm*

Done final exam, hopefully can make it one go *finger crossed*. Now it's time to travel, purify my soul and cleanse my eyes after the torture looools

small bds fam since the whole year is quite small, it feels like high school

taken right after last paper.

spring fades with summer serenade

Saturday, April 15, 2017


So today is Aisyah's birthday and ig's feed all full with Aisyah appreciation post wishes. And I couldn't add mine for another one because being me means i dont like being mainstream hahahaha ok this is just another excuse 

I remembered the first time I met adik Aisyah and aisyah was next to her in kmb's kfc and i was like wth seh asal ada dua aisyah ?????? That was mindblown gila hahahah. And I just realized and wondered why there are a lot of aisyah(s) in my life, in btho and seseri I got aisyah habib and then masuk kmb and now studying abroad also got another aisyah kamaludin. I feel like they pass baton. I'm being jinxed by Aisyah(s). People probably think i dont have other friend, ingatkan dua dua ni the same aisyah yang aku spend time from form 2 sampai now dah 21 tahun wow.

But i still insist, if i have daughter in the future i'm not gonna give her name aisyah. Fullstop. Hahahah!

We are just practically different in every sense. She's more outspoken than me and then you know stok stok mulut laser ni dia bantai je semua orang. Debaters yalls. And while there's me mengutuk orang dalam hati instead. Because I don't like the after effects, petty fights, butt hurt. We were deskmates for 2 years, we had the best teamwork ever. I did the thinking part, she would give my answer out loud in the class. THEREFORE, i have shares in most of her answer ok i don't need credits at that time but now i'm lowkey mentioning it lels

She's the king of judging. The first moment she meet new people, she will judge first. Judge yang obvious punya judge, dia akan usha dari atas sampai bawah and her facial expression judging nak mati ah. Aku rasa bawak pergi mandi bunga pun takleh buang that attitude. And me, more to "PBB-like kind of person who love peace", I'll judge diam diam hahahah. 

And the most obvious thing, she was from kisas and I was from seseri πŸ™ŠπŸ™Š. Geddit? Tak perlu explain kot hahahaha but she never try to kisas-sing me and i couldn't be bothered to seseri-ing her (she already did it by herself anyway so whats the point hahahah) 

Our attempt to be sweet and just see my face yang tak rela omg

But both of us act as if we are tough. But she cries more frequent than me. 

Anyway, mana nak cari kawan yang rela stay with me for another one whole month in London for summer just nak temankan aku and make sure aku tak balik Malaysia sorang this year. Sanggup puasa sini 18 jam when she can actually go back to Malaysia earlier before puasa, but again there's me the painass (ala but anyway she's kisas so why not HAHAHAHHA jk) mana nak cari kawan yang sanggup bayar tickets flight mahal gila compare to org lain sbb again temankan aku. Mana lagi nak cari kawan yang lagi cheapskate or maybe same level of cheapskate as mine hahahah and oso kawan yang sanggup drive dari johor ke selangor sbb nak bawak aku makan hahahaha wth kan mesti org mcm annoying nya syaheera ni??????

When other ppl are pointing fingers on me, there is someone who defend me, yeah that kisas gal.

Ok after reading this post; aisyah at this point i demand for a 3 days return upah drive, fulfill my 3 wishes like aladin, and carikan zauj utk aku ok mungkin kalau kisas carikan dia mujarab sikit hahahaha (i always mess around with her kisas status jk guys memain je!!!)

Ok last but not least that was me quietly walking out of aisyah's life whenever she is embarrassing herself in public. eg: when she tried to order something in starbucks, i just facepalm for whole night 😷😷

friends are friends after all, can't be more can't be less

Monday, March 27, 2017

QM MNight ended!

I'm going to tell you for 1652839th time MNight dah habis lels

And you know MNight already ended and OSCE is approaching in less than 4 days when I (at laaaaaast after idk how many months) washed my dental tunic, bought clinical shoes online instead of new jackets or tops and bothered to watch "how to use dental chair" video on youtube instead of k-shows (cry inside)

^ Gambar hiasan aka sedapkan hati utk ibu ayah so that they know even though I'm busy with unnecessary things and spend half of my day sleeping (and here updating blog for no reason), I still do some works okies #effortcounts 

So basically, I joined MNight because I felt guilty for being such a hopeless and probably least sociable member in the society looool disebabkan aku yang tercampak jauh daripada main campus ni so I hardly know other ppl except the kmbians. So I (for the first time in forever) persuaded myself ala syadin leklu kejap je MNight tolong sikit sikit sudah. 

So yeah I did exactly what I said hahaha sikit-sikit sudah totally means I'm not the one with lines on stage, but still on the stage but to be exact at the BACK stage hahahaha to be frank I'm not thaaaat helpful until the last week of rehearsal (which was a day after aku habis ICA4). This MNight honestly memang last minute (as what other ppl said) so I was in charge with costume team and settle everything like 3 days before D-day wakaka

I went to Imperial MNight before, wowerz jugak since that was my first MNight show. So, being a backstage crew for the first time ni mcm bukak mata aku to the other side point of view, the hard work and efforts behind of everything. Bak kata omputih behind every successful man, there is a woman gitu so I consider the other teams oso veghy veghy important. Bersempitan di sebalik tabir with phone's flashlight, even nak minum air pun had to be careful kang berbunyi pulak botol kembung kempis lels

They put the background in few seconds and later duduk tepi jampi and berdoa tak tercabut hahahaha aku hanya mampu gelak terguling tgk their reaction lels

To see the improvement from the actor actress from the very first day I saw the act (which was a week before D-day loool) to the day of 2 nights show, I knew it would be amazing. Aku ingat lagi I still had that strong impression how best the Imperial MNight was, and then saw they rehearsed and acted for the first time pastu wonder "seriously...........?" and I was wondering twice should I invite my friend or not lol. But then as time went by, I knew it would be as amazing (or way better as feedback from other ppl) as other MNights. 

Still cannot brain with the lighting on the stage ugh whyy but yes one picture from kmbians 😍

My tun tan cheng lock (when she said she gonna be tun tan cheng lock I literally google in front of her to see if the character is a woman or man lels btw supposed to be a man #infosejsyadin)

Even though I was not on stage, at least my overrrrrrrr-sized floral blouse from Primark went on stage πŸ˜‚. So ppl dont be as dumb and confident as syaheera tajuddin yang beli baju bajet ingat size and then balik was like "ek ehhhhh that was two size bigger ????!" after dah cabut price tag. 

My favourite scene was the one in the court, because that was sooo musical. So during the last night show iolls so sad bye bye fav scene :(

I know more people now ha-ha-ha πŸ˜‚So I'm not the most useless ppl at the moment, probably the second or third most useless since I didn't do much either muahahah ppl said they are having withdrawal symptoms and comparing with the work that I've done, I dont really need and deserve to have any symptoms loooool but OSCE this week make things worse 😰😰😰 I just dont have any reasons not to study anymore sobs 

QM MNight wrapped with a great success. 

Sunday, March 12, 2017

A good deal procrastination

I just wake up this morning, realize that I have 33 lectures to cover in 4 days (ICA on friday sobs)

and end up in the kitchen (lol) πŸ˜…

somehow I want to procrastinate, but still want to do something productive because being a person named syaheera, I sometimes even feel guilty to have a solid 9 hours sleep so yeah at least I deserve to have a decent breakfast and lunch so after 1.5 hours tung tang tung tang in kitchen I finally got a chance to eat......

pancake/crepe/lempeng english/whatever-you-name-it as long as it is food

I just realized to eat grape with this whatever-you-name-it is soooooo good, i am so brilliant in weird way I wish i can be this amazing during my final exam (lol unnecessary self-praise just iklan) i bought grapes from market and masam gilaaa like yes I love it, I can totally eat this kind of grape while finishing my 33 lectures, confirm dari ngantuk terus "terangkat" 

Yesterday I slept 530am uhm nope, not because I was busy revising (ibu called me 9am today and screamed "ya Allah tak bangun lagi budak ni dah pukul berapa ni????") but I blame 200% on youtube ughhhh i should uninstall youtube instead of instagram! Or, maybe i should uninstall both, if only i can uninstall whatsapp as well lol 

I could go from online shopping to ed sheeran's Shape of You at 3am and end up Ted Talk about North Korea at 5am. Random gilaaa, I can't brain myself. 

Trust me, watch this video below. Until the end. THE ENDDDDDDD not when he said thank you but THE ENDDDDDDDDD don't judge his english, he probably had a better grammar than you duhhh (grammar dia ok gila kot) but the content tu pergh i know this is sooo 3 years ago i dont care watch. again.

"Hope kept me alive" "One chicken wing can change your life"

Hati aku yang sebatu sebatu perempuan ni (i didnt cry watching any hindustan movie bhaijan bijan diwale whatever, syurga yang ditinggalkan or dirindukan) but this 13minutes ted talk video make me wailing under my duvet mcm putus cinta or somebody died lels 😭😭😭. Thankgod my flatmate all went back home for weekend 

"They wrote they were fed up with the sameness of everything"

I just feel grateful for what I have right now. Growing up in Malaysia is a nikmat but then somebody just don't realize it, they say they want sameness but can they afford the sameness 😷? Sameness here might be in different context but still can you deal with it? zz #bebelsyadindipagihari

goodluck syadin!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 7, 2017


(quickly writing this since lecture ends a bit early but still need to stay back because after this have this odd lecture but still waiting, probably have a lot of freebies such as free colgate and sensodyne so πŸ™ŠπŸ™Š)

I'm kind of impressed with my selfie skill

thanks for 11 years of practicing selfie (minus 10years from my age since theres no selfie when I was a kid)

last week early morning breakfast with the other malaysian dental students. I think they are legit nice person, especially when they are willing to wake up early on sunday just for a breakfast hahahaha.
Even I need to restrain myself from sleeping after subuh and end up playing games for 2 hrs because even if I wanted to sleep for one hour, it would end up 4 hrs instead. 

We study at the same dental hospital (except if upper year need to do clinical in other clinics) but we hardly see each other lels. At all. to the extent kak adeela ws me asking if i'm ok and hows my study progressing since we didn't meet and I replied "yes okay at least I'm still alive". Since we haven't meet for so long so there was alot things to chat and sembang sampai we stayed in Malaysian Hall for almost 4 hours

So before this we had dinner when I first came, but last weekend we had breakfast to wish goodluck for Abigail's last year final exam. She already fifth year and almost graduate and theres me...... 1st year *sigh* I love how they always pass down all the files such as revisions or question papers to the lower year it looks like a legacy thingy that revolve only within us lels. 

I remembered our last dinner, they sound sooo dentist using all these complex abbreviations and I, who just arrived for few weeks, didn't understand at all :)) But now I could somehow understand most of what were they talking and laughing as well, it kinds of fun gila to hear their clinical story and I can see myself doing more embarrassing syadin-dumb-and-dumber part 2387956 in clinics. 

We supposed to come in earlier than abigail since we need to write something on her goodluck card but then abigail came earlier than most of us.  And the card lol πŸ˜†πŸ˜† so when she came I was like hahahahah mission fail and hanya mampu berhuhuhu. So we end up quietly write on the card below the table, in front of abigail (probabyly) without her noticing hahah i crey so cute

I can't imagine myself doing my first extraction 😱😱. I can't imagine myself on the 5th year lol. I cant imagine myself graduate with wrinkles on my face and gray hair *cry inside* So the thought of abigail almost completing her course already make me feel happy and proud for her. All the best and congrats for getting job placement in uk! wuuuuuu πŸ’ž