Sunday, November 13, 2011

Short post ; Sleepover.

I love this picture for no reason. I miss this moment ; all my Kepochiss sleepover at my House in Bangi for one night, maybe as farewell party for Fatin. Spend time with them without other friends who are not-so-important. Talk about ghost again and again. Actually they fall in love with Bloody Mary haktuihh -,- I cant sleep for days, i cant even look at the mirror more than 3 seconds. Because of them. Dare each other to drink  a glass full of Coca cola, one shot ! Cant even took breathe while you drink it. Sound easy right ? Make a lot of stupid videos. Sing farewell song for Fatin and my voice was the worst. Jangan mimpi kau nak masuk Akademi Fantasia, Syaheera. 

Quietly go to nearby shops without ayah's permission. Dinner together. Talk about boys. Jasmine scared of dark, and we are so cruel that we switch off all the lights when she is in the toilet and sit quietly on the floor, waiting for the reaction. Watch movies. Actually we planned to watch horror movie on TV, but it was too scary for me -_-" So we watch dvd. 

While watching horror movie on TV, i just take some pictures and it turn out like the above picture with "Aku dikejar hantu" subtitiles -__-''

Tomorrow ayah and ibu will go to Indonesia again for Angah's Sumpah Doktor. With abang faeiz also, Angah's boyfriend *cough* . I told ibu that when I graduate, my future boyfriend also has to come on my graduation day. No excuses ! Abang faeiz comes all the way from Msia to Bandung to meet Angah :( *take some tissues* And yeah I'm not going there again. I already told you right that I wont go there anymore. I'm not alone at home for sure, my Kepochiss will stay with me. Accompany me for 3 days, true friends righttt ? Kepochiss without Fatin :( But  will ask Farisha to join wakaka ask her to join without telling ibu >< I caaaaaan't wait :*

See you.

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