Sunday, May 20, 2012

You love your mother, so do I

This post may be a little bit chessy. Or it does sound chessy. So I wont type ni Bahasa much since it will sound tera giga mega jiwang. I dont say I will not type any Bahasa okay -_-" English aku bukannya okay pun. And unexpectedly a lot of super nerdy words will come out then.

My mother. Rohaida Abd Rahim. Is the best mother alive. Well every child will say her or his mother is the best right ? Anak derhaka mana pulak nak cakap mak dia second best, nak kena pancung agaknya. But I know my mother is the best. It is proved since my mother celebrated her past mother's day with her youngest daughter got chicken pox ! 

Yeah, I got chicken pox. Do I need some fireworks as sound effect ? -_-" And it is not cool, not awesome, I do suffered alot, I more prefer stay in boarding school which is not actually what I want asdfghjkl . Allah sure loves my mother so much that He tests my mother with me who got chicken pox. I think I got the worst chicken pox ever. Teruk gila weh tak tau ah nak explain macam mana lagi, nak tengok cermin pun takut kau tau ?

I cant sleep at nights, chicken pox okay. You think I can leisurely sleep at night? I cant sleep two nights in a row and the second night is the night that I dont sleep at all. Can I say that I dont even sleep in 24 hours ? I cant remember well but the point is I cant sleep. And of course lah it affect my mother muehehe I wake her up and cried and asked her what to do. She woke up and give me some pills and put calamine lotion on my body. And the result is she woke up 3 to 4 times in a night because of me. I cant never describe how much I felt guilty because Ibu dont like her sleep time affected. But because of her daughter, she had to .

You know the most loser part when I cant stand for not sleeping (even when your body say I WANT REST !! ) I took one of Ayah's book. Ayah loves Dr Mahathir so much. He reallyyyyy adores him. Me too, influenced by Ayah haha. So I took Dr Mahathir's book which I thought can absolutely makes me sleepy as the books is about politics. I can never understand politics. Tapi tidur nya tak jugaaaaaaaaak ! The next day I asked Ibu and Ayah to buy pills that make you sleep for me. I want my sleeptime back !

Ibu kept on calling the clinic, even though we know that there is not clinic 7.30 in the morning dah bukak -_-" Ibu asked me "Pergi hospital nak ? Sejuk sikit .. " I was wondering ada ke orang kena chicken pox masuk hospital. Ibu will switch on all aircond in the house to make the house cool because when I feel hot, I will feel more uneasy, cant stand the suffer of chicken pox zzzz. 

I missed my Physics paper on Monday so I have to do it on last thursday. I went to Seseri with this disease TO SPREAD TO ALL PEOPLE SO THAT EVERYBODY CAN GO HOME !! Ecewaaah no lah I do my physics paper separately in a room. My exam finished at 2.30 pm but Ibu already came to school at 11 just in case I cant stand and want to go home. But I managed to do all the paper but all my answer was cincai punya as long as I can finish it as soon as possible because I thought I almost die lah at that time. Physics pun, no one can understand the question wakakka. Ibu is type of person who afraid to drive in KL area because many cars makes her worried but because of me, she has to overcome her problem and drive all the way from Bangi to KL to fetch me after my exam. Came 3 hours before I finished my exam. THREE HOURS BEFORE.

After I go to boarding school, I know how to appreciate my family members. I appreciate every single little second with them. Whenever I feel down, Ibu or Ayah or your family member is the best voice ever to be heard. Even when Ibu or Ayah cant come to see me for weekends, I feel sad to the max which almost happened but for not coming the whole week is never happened at this time. I love brother-sister relationship of Ibu and her siblings. Especially Ibu and Ayah Auf. I love to see them calling each other to share stories, problems and so on. Ibu dont have older brother since the eldest is Maklong, but I feel relieved when Ibu can count on Ayah Auf in everything :)

Ibu is different from Ayah. Ibu dont show her love to anybody but Ayah will. He will kiss her daughters, and say that he loves them so much etc etc. But sweet talk does not suit my Ibu. My family is not the type who celebrate Mother's day or Father's day. For ibu, Mother's day is another fine day for her without any special present. One day, I want to give a special present for Ayah and Ibu ! Once I already get a job !  Ibu only watching on Wanita Hari Ini where show mothers who their children give them tons of present, Ibu has to put calamine lotion on my body. Sorry Ibu for having a chicken pox daughter on your day ! 


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