Thursday, June 6, 2013

Dah kata satu dorm

Our way wishing Happy Birthday tu Abang Busyie after not wishing her all day long. Supposed to be the prettiest girl for the day but our make up skill is beyond then max, turned up macam Hantu Pocong lol what. Dinner mate/AbangBusyie/Go-captain/KK-B4/Prankstar partner.

Idk why emotionally unstable can't sleep but already 2.23 AM I don't want to go for AddMath tuition but what can I do, I messed up almost the whole paper for midyear exam. Why lah my life messed up like thiszzz only running man can make me happy pfft fed up messed up give up. Eh ryhme pulak. Dah ah bro adios xx

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