Saturday, November 1, 2014

Love from estrella to alacris

Remember those days when you slept with books, class packed with jadual anjal there's no such thing as class but the whole batch study in one hall, different groups for every subject, went to empty quiet plus creepy block C and last minute revision is more important than seeing ghost? A year already passed!!!
Those days when you realize the power of friendship. Almost two years, kenal Maryam macam kenal muka je tapi sebab jadual anjal belajar dalam hall lah aku rapat dengan minah ni, tup tup amik kau belajar tempat sama and she's one of the reasons kmb is not that bad (kot). The phase when someone-I-know change to someone-I-need (menangis si yam camni luls)
Because last year Elantra compile some videos to motivate us, so in return we did the same thing for alacris, and hoping this so-called-new tradition to continue until idk which batch but the longest the better luls

Credits to Fir the one who compile
This video supposed to be for alacris but then I'm the one who kept rewatching it luls, semua dah besar weh can you imagine just one year but it feels like yearSSSS. Yang aku tak puas hati kat palam pak ramai, dekat kmb 5 ketul je hm takpa at least adaa I know right!!
I don't think any of alacris would read this, takkan tak belajar hahah, can be reminder to myself too, kalau tiba-tiba terfikir malas nak belajar ke dah give up ke dah redha level 82630 w/o usaha ke, ingat mak ayah kita tak pernah malas nak besarkan kita and tak pernah give up sampai terfikir "kalau anak aku hidup bagus, tak hidup pun takpa"
study with the thought of 7 months of freedom 
klcc night view will be forever my fav
All the best spm candies!
(if you spot in 1st pic there's ppl lying on the floor between the book shelves in library)

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