Sunday, February 1, 2015

hang in there

Cat freak is on my forehead rn, not because i freak out as in excited to see the cat but the other way round. I have two situation of freak out; 1- in a good way (sumpah tak gerak langsung, kepala statik gila) or 2- automatic freak out, yelling and run away 

It is okay to deal both situation with another friend yang boleh shooosh kan kucing but then there's me and my tak-takut-kucing-cuma-geli-je roommate, Najihah. Last year, last exam paper kot taktahu lah kenapa tapi si Latip (nama kucing) ingat bag aku comfy sangat kot, ala ala toto dekat rumah atok gitu, dia duk bertenggek atas bag aku. 

Last night, supper roti canai dengan Najihah potpetpotpet pastu Latip datang lagi!! Latip you love me ke latip oiiiii, love is in the air i can feel that you love meh tiptip (!!!) "Najihah cepat alihkan diaaa" "Dia pandang kita!!" "Taklah dia pandang sini" Both freak out yang freak out gila, dia macam either Latip or my precious roti canai yang perlu diselamatkan

We have no choice, but to ask help for another year 1 student that we barely know to shoosh the cat, i'm so so sorry dear latip for your another heart breaking rejection.

Lets just be long-distance friend, latip, Sorry, you are being friend-zoned 

Har har har poor yah

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