Monday, November 2, 2015

Double thumbs up

Guess what guys, the one yang marah aku dalam toilet sekolah agama is now graduated from UM. My sister, to be exact. Time flies too fast right, rasa macam dulu baru dia merengek rengek surat beranak dia hilang lepastu aku duk ejek dia anak pendatang asing (but hello im the one found it back so yeah thanks to myself she still remain as msian). One thing that is amazing about her life; only 2 things can make her overstress. Either me or phone games.

Alhamdulillah everything is on her side, she always get what she wants (mostly except the right man luls nvm eeka kita dah deal kan nak duduk and jaga ibu smpai tua lol) and she knows what she wants. And sometimes because I have problem when it comes to decide something "important", I leave that to her because she knows better. Contohnya, aku takleh nak decide which new baju to buy so end up dia beli banyak gila and I buy nothing tapi semua baju baru dia beli, aku yang pakai (annoying kan aku)

She graduated. And im here barely survive doing IB. Macam sedih if you compare our life kan. Aku selalu kena balik seseri and now kolej the moment dia tengok korea sambil tergelak gelak. Saaad 

 It is also sad to see your brother and sisters dah besar. And you aloneeee....... luls hashtag youngest child issue. Papehal pun, bawak pergi mana mana ada org offer belanja (grin) 

Aku masih tak dapat terima photographer puji along posing..... cmon the only thing he did masukkan tangan dalam pocket je! 

2 weeks before final semester dayyum life :)

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