Tuesday, November 8, 2016

You are not the king's match

I'm not a fan of historical drama but this one is exceptional

Currently emotionally unstable dek kdrama Scarlet Heart Ryeo sigh this drama has the most pathetic hero from the start till the end. How can people be so mean?!? The king tu dah lah had no one by his side then one by one is leaving him omagad stressss, when all he need is love from his own mom, brothers and fellow ppl he considered as "my people". Lepastu stress jugak semua nak mati hahaha haa mati lah kau amik nombor giliran kau kaunter depan 

*stop pls syaheera*

Oh yes I just ended my first internal course assessment (ICA) yesterday! Yayyy! To be short, it was like test after 5 weeks lecture but every subject sumbat in one paper. Haaa the tricky part of system subject sumbat one paper ni I dont even know this question supposed to be in oral biology ke pharmacology ke etc maybe want us to understand not memorize therefore iolls tawakal je lah (noo this one is real tawakal not the past IB exam kind of tawakal which I used Justin Bieber's song to choose the answer lolol)

Oh yes I had this one episode of syadin's secondhand embarrassment. I went out to Regent's park with Hana to play frisbee after idk lah for how many months lepastu we always utilize our malay language privilege whenever we don't want others to get what we are talking about. So naik underground lepastu masuk this one lift full with local especially the whites, tapi penuh pun wouldnt stop us from talking

Syadin, i suka laki mcm tu
Haaa mana mana yang macam mana
Tepi you, pakai baju merah
Hahah oh hana now i geddit, you love those handsome foreigners look eh
Apa benda

Aku toleh muka aku ke depan, everyone in the lift looked at me. That silence was suuuuper duper awkward and i was still lost until I realize i said with loud voice of mine "love those handsome foreigners look" is actually english and everyone in the lift faham hahahahah ye lah we hardly say handsome as kacak in malay?? Pintu lift bukak Hana terus keluar jerit malunya!! sambil tutup muka aku hanya redha 

And lately ni the weather was super cold (I'm about to say I'm short of adipose tissue to give me warmth but sounds a bit illogical so yeah), I think my heater is not working properly seh ;/ My heater panas tapi bilik nya masyaAllah punya sejuk to the extent i wear my winter jacket with furrr dekat hodie inside my room. And I stay in the hall right, so I went to the kitchen with the jacket pergi basuh pinggan.

I started to feel stupid 1 minute after basuh pinggan in my winter jacket and shorts, so aku pun tawakal tak jumpa anyone (agaaaain) and whisper to myself okay syaheera cepat cepat basuh pinggan then lari masuk bilik. Tiba-tiba aku dengar suara orang gelak terkekek belakang aku. "Syaheera! Are you thaaaat cold?? *giggling like hell*" 

Yes, I met my flatmate in the kitchen while I was in pajamas + winter jacket and looking super dumb lels

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