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Teddy Bear Hospital

SECOND ICA ALREADY ENDED HAHAHAHHA omg already typed this post loooong time ago pastu buat halfway then simpan dalam draft sebab kena settlekan SBL essay (freaking 3000 words settle in one week when I used to revise and edit my IB extended essay 4000 words for the one whole semester lol) then I thought it's okay lah can continue the draft after finish the sbl tup tup after submit sbl baru perasan exam ICA2 in one week time hahahah so yeah everything settle so here i am


(okay can we act like aku post this draft right away and not one month after lol)

Last wednesday, aku joined activity handled by this one society (probably the only one I dont mind going again lol). Stok stok pemalas mcm aku ni, cukup baik lah join hahahaah so just keep your wonder "eh satu je" senyap senyap dalam hati lels. I volunteered for the teddy bear hospital!

Sounds like pejadah dia teddy bear hospital ni ingat main pondok pondok ke? Guess what, sort of hahahaha. First of all, it was legit fun doh serious. I went to this primary school with those big toothbursh and model teeth set (practically that was my first time going to the real school here not "school of dentistry" "medic school" "law school") named st mary. Oh plus ni my first time masuk sekolah yg st st ni so I saw lots of jesus and patung and feel so woww new experience!

Mile End, Nov 2016

So this activity wanted to promote to these primary school kids about health, jgn takut jumpa doctor and all dentist are reliable (including me duhh pls *roll eyes*). So the teachers will ask each of the students to bring their teddy bears to school a day before the event pastu masuk dalam satu dewan and bring the teddy bear to meet the doctors and dentist!

So we have 4 stations; personal session with dentist (wohooo), food health, teddy bear surgery and personal session with the doctors. So obviously aku volunteer to be dentist, siap pakai our dental tunic like acah dentist sangat lol. Not really sure what happened at doctor and food station tapi surgery tu nampak cooool all kids pakai scrub and operate this super duper big teddy bear (like literally open up the teddy's body and take out the heart and all organs they sumbat inside the teddy)

We literally did the talking part! Personally. With the kids. About health. Padahal baru masuk dental school 2 bulan hahaha. Aku ni dah lah species yang know nothing about dentistry, not those typical students who enter the dental school with high spirit and know those basic treatments and knowledge about teeth. Aku literally google a few minutes before the kids came "how many teeth do we have" "what is the difference between canine and incisor tooth" just in case dieorang tanya aku takda lah bunyi macam stupid nya this dentist 

One thing for sure; they are suuuuuuper cute (cries). I wish ppl stay innocent and kind as they were at this age. No wonder lah parents don't want their child to grow up. Sepatutnya aku have this one students:one dentist session but they were all pumped up at that time sampai aku kena handle 3 kids at a time. Susah beb nak layan 3 soalan serentak jenuh gak. Aku tanya kena gosok gigi berapa kali sehari sorang cakap 100, sorang 1 billion, sorang 1 trillion (and I asked him back do you even know how many zero in 1 trillion because i dont haha) 

And I think I did well at that time because we have the same mental age hahaha dieorang datang bawak teddy bear lah winnie the pooh lah unicorn lah then i just played along "what is your teddy's name" lepastu kau kena dengar lah nama tah bukan bukan diaorang canang (some even i couldn't pronounce so i called them baby teddy instead lels) and then those warm up question "I'm your dentist for today, can I see your teddy's teeth?"

Lepastu check gigi teddy (walaupun some teddy didnt even show any teeth tapi bila aku tanya dieorang boleh nampak tak gigi teddy semua jerit "YESSS" omg that innocent level of imagination I almost cried) and aku buat buat lah ada gigi rosak lels. So aku nak cucuk anesthesia tapi budak kan mana faham pejadah anesthesia so aku tunjuk the syringe lepastu explain - this is for the sake of your teddy, we must help him!! I promise!! -kind of syadin's 7pm drama 

lepastu when my drama queen mode turn on we even countdown 1 2 3 kuat-kuat before I inject the teddy hahaha idk why I did that, they just love the suspense pastu in return I love their reaction. And sebab nak tunjuk yang pergi jumpa dentist ni tak scary aku bebel lah teddy dieorang bagus pun tak nangis sebab apaaa?!? Sebab injection tak sakit!! HAHAHA all those lies, bersalah seh mesti kalau grown ups dgr aku bercerita response akan jadi "mmg lah tak nangis it is freaking teddy not a human"

But I must maintain their innocence! So aku try inject tangan dieorang pulak nk tunjuk ni real hahaha weh sumpah reaction dieorang comel gila nak mati ah I suddenly want kids, ada yang berani ada yang tutup mata tutup telinga sampai ada yang jerit buat drama taknak kena inject. This one girl I praised her since she was brave then she told me "I already did this two times, and I didn't cry at all" dalam hati aku mcm wow dua kali at this age I still blame my parents for lying macam-gigit-semut-api kind of lies for every injection.

I asked this one boy "I think Teddy is sick, so what are you need to do right now?" and I was expecting replies macam I will send him to the doctor or dentist asap. But then this boy angkat tangaan semangat gila " I KNOW!!! We need to always make him happy. then Teddy will be fine". Iolls speechless and couldn't stop aww-ing dah lah handsome haha so I gave him sticker lolol

"No one loses their innocence, it is either taken or given away willingly"

Stratford, Nov 2016

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