Thursday, January 26, 2017


Lately, my sleep cycle is no longer a cycle. Dah macam reversible reaction yg ulang alik, hah ambik kau hahahaha. Sleep awake sleep awake sleep awake. Harini dah 3 kali aku tidur, it didn't sounds like a nap but not really a long sleep. Maybe because of 2 nights stay up so the body has its after effects not the next day but a few days after. Nasib baik ibu call me everyday for subuh kalau tak..... *sigh*

Last few daaaays kan, I had this practical for OSCE in mile end. The bad side was this gonna be a day of almost 1 hour return walk, the bright side; walk is the one and only exercise i'll be having in london hahahaha totally not gonna spend money on gym! Practical tu best gilaaaaa omg (for me the noOb), even though it was only auscultation and measure blood pressure hahaha. 

Best because that was literally the first time eveeeeeer I used stethoscope (kot of course the legit stethoscope lahh not the one Qaseh punya mainan) and machine blood pressure yang pump pump tu. Before this seseri's lab just ada the automatic blood pressure machine so thats not fuuuun. The "sphygmomanometer" (literally google sbb tak reti eja) tu kitaorg tak baca the manual how to use so just main guna sbb nak "fun learning", so my coursemate dia salah buat so it didnt constrict the blood vessels but then the straps suddenly inflated so dah mcm balloon dah lels. They even pump so hard sampai in position nak pump chest for cpr hahah thank god im not dumb alone

And we wonder what if this happens in real life in front of the patients hahahah mesti patients mcm tak menyakin kan nyaaa dia ni biar betul.......

And kena cari heart pulse at the wrist and it kinds of normal bila susah nak jumpa heart pulse tu. Aku pun tak perasan everytime cari for the pulse, aku buat this one facial expression yang mcm apahal-tak-jumpa-do face, so dieorang gelak mcm tak igt dunia dah. Kalau tak jumpa jugak start dah buat drama "are you goblin?" "uhm, sir i think my patient is a ghost. there's no pulse at all" 

paling jakun when i used the pink stethoscope and then letak on my chest. The sounds of the pumping heart is sooooo 💓💓💓💓💓 especially when it's my own heart hahaha i couldnt stop listen to it, the im-proud-of-my-heart-it-beats-for-20years moment serious takleh blaaah. Rasa macam jagebang sangat (jakun gembira bangga lels)

So yeah love yourself yeah (tiba tiba lol), if you feel penat hidup yang takda makna or lost in the pain of heart break tu remember at least you can sleep to hve a rest and have brand new day but your heart never had a chance at all. So be grateful! Hashtag tazkirah drpd osazah syadin

-anyway, one thing that I can't brain everytime i ask questions to the lecturer, they alwaaaays ask me back "hm what do you think" dlm hati aku dah ya Allah kalau aku tahu lah jawapan im not here, nak fikir apa pun tak tahu dah - so, my response always something that worth a face palm 😎😎😎

agi idup agi ngelaban for the upcoming exam!

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