Tuesday, February 7, 2017


Guess who ady finished with her SBL3 and ICA3?!? It's meeeeeeh i'm back yalls at last i'm here to sort back my life and make sure everything is on track. And have one whole week self-reward and enjoying my #postICA moments before gather back all my senses that SBL4 and ICA4 are just in one month time duh no chill gilaaaa!!

So yeah today class end a bit early, habis 1pm dah macam wow nak buat kenduri pulut kuning! (harapaaaan) so aku kemas balik bilik aku yang never disappointing me in showing the ICA mode turn on. So usually I have this routine of masak everything on weekend, do laundry, shopping for groceries etc. Tapi now selasa baru ada masa nak fikir "my well-being is my priorities" so my cooking routine yang a bit overdue compensate dgn masak dua lauk sekali gus, definitely hashtag productive hashtag semangat membara hashtag postICA 

I even bought my tickets back to Malaysia for summer holiday yaaaaaaaaaaAAAAYYY that's totally my epitome of productive lah yang takleh bawak bincang. Ayah duk pressure "Eera bila nak beli ticket!!!" "Eera, tadi ayah check ticket mcm murah!" "Eera pls check website ni for tickets" and i was like AYAAAAH OK OK AFTER ICA OK (jangan procrastinate revise ya rakan rakan, nanti jadi mcm iolls) 

Oh and since kmb kan, aku ada this week of "puasa korea" which aku tak boleh tgk k-shows or dramas and not even listen to a single korean songs a week before exam. That's how pathetic my life is hahah kalau tak my iman turun naik and takkan tetap, will end up spending hours watching them and lagu akan terngiang ngiang to the extent it was sooo distracting sampai aku buat exam background lagu exo pergh amik kau! So now, it's time to get back on track and buka puasa sekarang yay!

Last weekend, Aisyah and Su were here in London! Lepastu kan lepas diaorang balik bilik terus rasa sunyi :( haih mcm tu lah rasa bila parents went back to Malaysia, tiba tiba rasa bilik aku yang sekangkang kera ni mcm besar je and sunyi 😭But guys, I promise you guys my guest service would be waaaaaaaay tip top than that day if you guys come again and not during my weekend ICA :( Datang lagi okies

I brought Aisyah to eat burger and lobster 😍😍And yeah aku sebagai ahli active club the cheapskate; Malaysian in London edition, burger & lobster is waaaay out of my budget. That was my first time there even though i've been here for almost 5 months ady. So aku decide since aku dah berjimat for almost 4 months straight, this february is gonna be my bulan segala pembaziran dan enjoy. Plus, they were coming as well so I might just join them enjoy all the money sementara aku ada kawan nak berhu-haaaa. 

And aku a bit strict in sorting living expenses yang orang akan wonder asal jimat sangat dia ni, i'm totally not going (insyaAllah in the future as well) to ask extra money from parents cmon guys we are 21 already! But since everyone dah enjoy duit sponsor awal awal and now dlm kesempitan hidup, my heart feel at ease the fact that I still got some money to enjoy at the end of the month. Delayed gratification isn't it!!!!!?

Papehal pun sedap doh lobster dia, rasa mcm lobster...... (lobster mmg lah rasa lobster wth)

Dalam bilik aku ada this map of London, and then if I go to a place aku akan mark the map with thumbtack acah "I've been there" gitu so there's alway some place yang aku reserve and tak pergi lagi so that I can go with my friends when they are coming to London. So baru seghonok bila explore london sama sama instead of "aku dah pergi sini 9 kali dah bawak org" hehehe but thats not applicable to cliche tourist attraction mcm big ben lah buckingham palace, tower bridge dah mcm yeah im here.... again :)

Tapi the downside of me being a tourist guide is- half of the pictures in the camera gallery is not the tourists' picture but mine hahahahah sampai aisyah tak tahu lah siapa yang baru sampai london sbb gambar aku sama banyak dgn gambar dia. Ye laaah bawak lain orang feeling dia lain ye dokkk?

But I reaaaaaaaaaaaaaally love M&M world and still cant get over it 

Syurga duniyaaaaaaaaa

The mix colour

And the customize one!

Definitely gonna give this to my future children (acah) and tell them be proud superkid, you are supereera's son or daughter for a reason ya know *cringe gila* 

Excuse me for my existence *face palm*

And next to this green m&m kan ada this one part where you kind of scan yourself and then there's machine that tell you what is your colour mood for today, and we both got blue!!! I got blue, Aisyah got light blue. Blue is something about cool and stylish so aku mcm penipu gila machine ni but sokey that comforts me well and enough to make my day πŸ™ˆ Light blue is something about expecting new challenges in life etc

And then the next store, there are lego store and nickelodeon but i'm not a big fan almaklum lah dibesarkan main batu seremban tanah liat dan kartun anak-anak sidek *giggles*

really love the front back view, it is all made by lego peh aku main setakat jadi kubu pertahanan pun dah bangga dah lol

Apahal do dia ni.........

And baru sedar that if I'm not going to be a dentist, I should do voice over for cartoon! lols baru sedar aku boleh tiru suara The Map dalam cartoon Dora the Explorer, so we went out from the nickelodeon store with me who felt ecstatic and non-stop nyanyi lagu "i'm the map, i'm the map, IM THE MAAAAP!!!" sampai aisyah stress 😈

Me fetauring Aisyah yang stress

And later su pulak sampaaaai but we didnt have many decent pictures sbb su datang terus jemah ya Allah terus susah nak tidur bila gossip diutamakan ni 

I’m used to it, the footsteps coming and going, the goodbyes

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