Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Winter break; Nottingham Games

Since I have a lot of stupid things to rant but have no time to do so I'm going to put the pictures instead! Almost decided not to post anything about the winter break but since short term memory otak aku ni mcm full of doubts sikit so gonna put something at least not going to forget all these little happy things that happened

Notts games is all about whatever-you-name-it-reunion, honestly.

Seserian's estrella love (a lot more missing)

Childhood btho peeps

Pain in the ass kmb's M14E

And there's a looooot more pictures tapi tak dan laaah nak upload everything! That day my social quota totally exceed seh hahah you said hi to your friend then jalan 20 langkah jumpa another pulak. To the extent Su and Aida dah penat nak tunggu and stop until everyone done with their chitchat. 

Malaysian Games is all about food 
(bit expensive than masak sendiri but still it is malaysian food)

I ate my first nasi kerabu, eveeeeer

And of course, it is all about the games!

QM's frisbee team! (um dont ask if we win since i think obviously........?? jk we lose)

Stayed 2 nights dekat rumah Su and her hospitality was totally tip top cun because it is Su okay what do you expect, plus that was the first time 3 of us jumpa in uk and weolls minority since most of our classmates further their study in Ireland. Jalan jumpa menjerit from one end to another end. We talked aloooot sampai waiter restaurant tanya "are u guys chinese?" and I was like LOOOOOOL?? Do we even look like chincese? He said just because we talk so fast like cincau cincauuu hahah. We havent meet for months maybe that's why the inner jemah already out sampai terkejut the locals wakaka 

Su even woke up early in the morning, cooked, packed lunch and brought us picnic in Wallaton Park? Iolls cried a niagara falls iolls so terharu

In front of batman's house, said the person who never watch batman before *proud grin*

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