Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Happy 2017 (:

I know this is soooo random and sooo 2016 but recently few ppl updated that they watch reply 1988 and then tiba-tiba teringat the mooooOOOost heart breaking scene I've ever watched in 2016 and buat aku takleh get over with the ending/ second lead syndrome for monthssss is gonna be Junghwan's-confession-haha-no-just-kidding :( And his disappointed face when dukseon keeps looking at the door waiting for taek :( My ultimate ship sink :( Dah lah masa ni 4th sem IB so sebulan jugak nak habis emo :(

Winter break already finished and already had my first lecture. Oral biology for the first one gila mindblown, for the first time got lecture 100% based on dentistry and not general medicine, have slidessss pictures of tongue and teeth hahaha tu lah yang kau nak hadap syaheera, masaklah kau. Winter break was more than great I should say! What else you want to ask when your family came all the way from Malaysia? Nothing!! 

But yeah this time the farewell was a real thing do hahah. I was so chill masa nak fly dulu, most probably we came here in groups so I dont want to make any scene sinetron 4672983 episodes. For now, my homesick is not thaaat bad though, I make myself busy anyway. Except when tertengok lovey dovey family inside the tube and you realized you miss home so bad..... but thats fine! Not until my family came here, spend almost 2 weeks in UK and then left me. Alone. 

Funny how the 9 years old girl who used to cry and beg her mum not to go haji is the same girl who cried so bad and told her mum it's ok and not to worry for leaving her alone in London. Time flies so fast. 

Happy 2017, let's make the best out of our life

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