Thursday, May 9, 2019

Crossing Nice, France off the bucket list!

Here I am with muka setebal buku dictionary, writing back after almost a year hahaha! Siapa baca blog lagi pun aku taktau lah. Almost a year, with a loooot of new milestones in life and more first-time experience without being hype up in the blog as if it is a big thing! 

Did I tell you guys my whole fam come to London and we had winter trip together around Europe and UK? Like whole fam WHOLE WHOLE including tokdin, tokda, whole siblings and semua cucu(s). Did I tell you guys I did my first extraction on (real) human teeth like monthss ago and now probably counting to idk four or five times doing extractions on patients? Did I tell you guys, I bought a flight ticket for me and my friend but ended up her tickets instead of Lim Li became Li Tajuddin? 

Did I tell you guys 4 days ago actually my birthday and that was the best birthday I've ever had in London HAHAHAH okay okay dah syaheera cukup

sneak peek of my birthday last week hihu

I was (and probably still am) the president of Cheapskate Club (cuma lately ni jenis mcm lenient takda self-control tak ikut tempat, orang ajak makan ONZ orang ajak keluar ONZ). But I am also the queen of impulse purchase. I might not buy any new clothes or shoes for mooooonths dgn alasan "berjimat" but also can just end up buying two pairs of shoes and bags of new clothes without even planning to go for shopping. I'm not the in between kind of person, i go all out to the extremeee ends lmao

My recent impulse purchase was flight ticket for post-exam treat! And aku beli masa tengah exam week ahahah masa nak revise tu lah casually chat dengan Su nak jalan tak then check pergi mana murah and wallaaaa.... we bought ticket to Nice, France for a 4-day long weekend treat! 

And that was one of my best impulse purchase! And my fav getaway trip! (apart from shoes... and jackets)

Aku dah memang well-aware yang the locals in France still cautious and tak open sangat dengan orang yang pakai tudung. But aku literally boleh rasa that weird ambience the moment aku pass immigration check! Tak keluar airport lagi, the makciks there tengok aku and Su mcm aku pakai seluar dekat kepala instead of kaki haha! Kepala makcik makcik ni betul betul pusing 180 degree bila aku lalu, agaknya kalau kepala ni boleh pusing 360 dah selamat pusing dah. Mula-mula aku tanya Su "weh makcik tu pandang aku lain macam je, sebab suara aku kuat sangat ke" LOL

Terjawab persoalan aku lepas kiteorang naik uber (pssst the driver was a *handsome* muslim driver HAHAHA sempat!) We decided to take uber sbb flight delayed and dah midnight masa tu. Kalau ikut kepala cheapskate dah naik bus dah. And we had this conversation about how the makcik looked at us and the uber driver cerita the reality his hijabist wife faced living in France. And you have no idea our hearts highkey broken knowing he ady married hahahaha sengal gila! 

And shout out to the kind and handsome uber driver who dropped us in front of our accom, calling the Airbnb owner who wasnt picking up the phone (i swear this gave me small panic attack) and waiting for us until we safely checked-in the airbnb kudos!


Aku perasan jugak how these past 5 years I always opt for beaches for holiday trip, even though i don't even know how to swim lmao sad (except swimming from one corner of swimming pool to another corner.... in just one breath ahah!) 

Cantik. gila. bapak, dalam gambar tak secantik apa yang mata nampak seriously. Nice was in my bucket list since first year, but as time goes by the list is getting longer and longer sampai aku lupa Nice dah ahaha. Nasib baik laaah Su ada nak layan bucket list aku ni kalau tak memang aku tengok dekat google image je lah nakkk. 

None of us know how to speak French but somehow, you can use your common sense to play around the words because most of it macam sama je dengan English lol


First day we went out searching for local food for breakfast, sebab apaaaaa...? Sebab tuna Su bawak tewas tumpas dan terkandas dekat airport security check 😂 On bright side, we had the chance to try Socca and Pissaladiere. Socca ni aku agak agak macam roti canai kot ahahah the locals makan tak kira masa pagi petang siang malam aku tengok duk makan socca ni. Pissaladiere ni katanya "like a pizza but not a pizza", makanan pun ada identity crisis rupanya ingatkan manusia je ahahha. Both sedap and nice WHILE IT'S HOT but greasy gilaaaa, definitely need water kalau tak uhmmmm



Gelato sana sedaap gila and muraah (compare to London obviously), we ended up ate gelato for straight 3 days ahah we came back to Azzuro on the last day for our 3rd gelato. I know I'm weird but Haagen Dazs's cheesecake let me down but not Azzuro's! Mango pun sedap, brownie too! Time ni duk makan tutup mata je dgn alasan "takpa next week puasa next week puasa, it's okay makan je"

We went up to Castle Hill, NAIK ELEVATOR OBVIOUSLY, we didn't pay for food just so that it can be digested faster by more exercise up the hill lol. Tak faham orang yang bawak stroller mendaki naik tangga, when both of us yang travel light and muda still opt for elevator (free kot apa de hal lols) 

Satu lagi benda yang kiteorang perasan was French ppl are the combination of passionate and affectionate. No wonder it was called French kiss. Ahahah, I'm already used to see ppl kissing inside tube or on escalator or anywhere in London but them French ppl are just another level hahaha! 

Even though this one looks as if nak menari a-go-go cucuk langit, this is one of few decent pictures both of us taken by strangers! 💓

One good thing travel with Su is both of us are very keen and specific when it comes to taking pictures. Tak pelik lah bila kiteorang stuck taking picture in a place for 20-30mins sampai dapat gambar yang okay! 

my face is big ady but the portion and plate even BIGGER 

Second day we went day-trip out of Nice; Eze village and Monte-Carlo, Monaco. Eze village is as exotic as it looks in google/Instagram and Monaco is another small country next to France yang the ambience is kaya af pak pak arab menabur duit buat event atas cruise pasang lagu arab habibi habibi ya nurul ain. One of the main tourist attraction is the casino itself ahah #priorities


Satu cerita takleh blah when we were in the Exotique Garden, we bumped into a Malay couple. Masa tu aku tengah amik gambar Su and mulut tengah bising suruh Su posing sekali ada orang tanya from behind "eh meh lah nak tak amikkan gambar korang?" They went up to the top of Exotique Garden and turun balik, aku dengan Su still amik gambar at the exact spot tak bergerak hahahah and they were like "Eh kat sini lagi??? Dah lah tu pergi lah naik atas, lagi cantik" HAHAHHAH 

Syaheera yang bertanduk

very cute and small alleys in Eze Village


Monaco is okay..... for a 3-hour stay! HAHAHA

Su da polaroid supplier 

Last day, the flight was really late at night so we have another full day to cover every single touristy place..... and food hunting time! We bought food then we ate at the beach dengan angin angin sepoi bahasa, romantic gila to be duo-girl trip lol 😂. Before foodhunt, we had a coastal walk yang caaaaantik gila facing the view of Mediterranean Sea. Looking at the view, I realised- such a beautiful trip. 




I was holding myself to say this kind of cliche caption but holiday in Nice was nice, indeed! 

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