Wednesday, February 8, 2017

feel geeeeewd

I feel sooooo loved today. Just another day full with blessings, one after another yass even the little things! 

Today we had our presentation, and everyone literally had fun with this one yang mmg no pressure sbb this one takda carry marks and "just for fun" kind of presentation. So another big thing crossed out

A senior smiled and said hi back hahahahah i feel like my existence is indeed significant and bangga ah sikit sbb aku dah start ingat muka org, the last two times aku tak ingat muka senior............ jahat gila tapi aku tahu problem aku since seseri anyway and i felt so bad but today is an exception bruh

So harini the presentation session should be done by 1230pm but then dah habis on 11am hahahah gila ah literally each group buat in 5-10 minutes mmg tak ikhlas punya presentation ah, so we decided to go out of whitechapel and went all the way to central! Satu benda je yg aku risau kalau pergi central ni, mana aku nak solat hmmmm and I'm the only muslim among the 4 girls. nak cari fitting room pun mcm sometimes the workers kat situ terlebih friendly sampai dia akan usher ke fitting room and tanya "is everything ok" and panic bila aku tak jawab instantaneously sbb tgh solat lah kan so yeah 

BUT THEN THEY ARE SOOOOO UNDERSTANDING I CREY sbb masa tgh plan nak pergi central tu diaorg akan tanya aku dulu "when is your praying time? can you pray now or you have to wait?" terkezut iolls hahahaha sbb before ni kalau mkn during lunchtime with them aku akan rushing after makan sbb kena find a place to solat. 

And then one of them legit google kan utk aku praying room in central and found this one islamic centre in soho 😭😭😭 iolls so terharu sbb i was expecting myself to go to any random fitting rooms but she knew how to settle it waaaay better than me lels. And we off to leicester square and kena jalan for 15 minutes to go to the islamic center, and dia insist nak teman aku sbb the other two tak sampai lagi. Aku bgtahu it's ok i can find any fitting room and she said it's ok just pray at the prayer room there, no need to feel rush and pressure :( 

And bila dah jumpa tu, dia cakap dia tunggu dekat entrance je but then aku cakap lah it's okay boleh masuk and ddk situ while waiting for me sbb takkan lah aku nak biarkan dia sorang kat luar. Dia cakap boleh ke masuk hahahaha i said yass of course aku pun boleh masuk church dont worry hahahahah wth aku bab bab done dakwah ni mmg fail sikit hadis di dada tak berapa nak cukup utk support aku. And she felt soooo amazed to be in a big surau for the first time. Glad that she was fine with it! Diaorg mcm faham gila and sometimes dieorang yang tegur aku kalau aku ada bad hijab day and rambut terkeluar so i felt very grateful, this is all little things that feel like a blessing for me couldnt ask for more :(

And we went to japanese restaurant, I had salmon bento sedap gilaaaa. And dieorang dah faham sangat dgn aku yang tak makan veggies ni so dieorang selalu wonder apahal aku tak makan sayur, ibu ayah makan sayur tak,  aku ada constipation tak (wth hahahha), nanti dah ada anak mcm mana nak didik dia makan sayur (and aku reply "Then I would be the coolest mom ever I'm not going to force them to eat any veggies and be like me") and they insist me to try eat salad so aku try lah makan this small portion tapi dieorang gelak gila tgk reaction aku lels, salad is a big no-no for me. even though dieorang bising, dieorang still amik all my veggies portion ahhahaha call me weird or wth but i feel so loved bila aku tak makan that one thing and another person will finish it for meh 

Lepastu turned out dieorang ni matcha freak tau aduhai, aku ni pulak mmg matcha matcha ni aku tolak tepi. Not a tea-fan, so do you expect me to love matcha (?) aku masuk kedai tu je aku dah tanya ni kedai greentea ke kedai seaweed hahahahah bau dia mcm masuk ke hidung gitu. Dieorang insist aku try matcha in taster cup so aku try lah tp aku bebetul takleh braaaain literally rasa mcm seaweed di tastebud aku hahahaha asal lah org suka (?) So sbb aku betul betul tak suka, one of them bawak aku pergi next store yang jual frozen yogurt and got one for me! That's totally another blessing that need to be counted 😉 

when i count my blessing, i count you twice!

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