Sunday, March 12, 2017

A good deal procrastination

I just wake up this morning, realize that I have 33 lectures to cover in 4 days (ICA on friday sobs)

and end up in the kitchen (lol) 😅

somehow I want to procrastinate, but still want to do something productive because being a person named syaheera, I sometimes even feel guilty to have a solid 9 hours sleep so yeah at least I deserve to have a decent breakfast and lunch so after 1.5 hours tung tang tung tang in kitchen I finally got a chance to eat......

pancake/crepe/lempeng english/whatever-you-name-it as long as it is food

I just realized to eat grape with this whatever-you-name-it is soooooo good, i am so brilliant in weird way I wish i can be this amazing during my final exam (lol unnecessary self-praise just iklan) i bought grapes from market and masam gilaaa like yes I love it, I can totally eat this kind of grape while finishing my 33 lectures, confirm dari ngantuk terus "terangkat" 

Yesterday I slept 530am uhm nope, not because I was busy revising (ibu called me 9am today and screamed "ya Allah tak bangun lagi budak ni dah pukul berapa ni????") but I blame 200% on youtube ughhhh i should uninstall youtube instead of instagram! Or, maybe i should uninstall both, if only i can uninstall whatsapp as well lol 

I could go from online shopping to ed sheeran's Shape of You at 3am and end up Ted Talk about North Korea at 5am. Random gilaaa, I can't brain myself. 

Trust me, watch this video below. Until the end. THE ENDDDDDDD not when he said thank you but THE ENDDDDDDDDD don't judge his english, he probably had a better grammar than you duhhh (grammar dia ok gila kot) but the content tu pergh i know this is sooo 3 years ago i dont care watch. again.

"Hope kept me alive" "One chicken wing can change your life"

Hati aku yang sebatu sebatu perempuan ni (i didnt cry watching any hindustan movie bhaijan bijan diwale whatever, syurga yang ditinggalkan or dirindukan) but this 13minutes ted talk video make me wailing under my duvet mcm putus cinta or somebody died lels 😭😭😭. Thankgod my flatmate all went back home for weekend 

"They wrote they were fed up with the sameness of everything"

I just feel grateful for what I have right now. Growing up in Malaysia is a nikmat but then somebody just don't realize it, they say they want sameness but can they afford the sameness 😷? Sameness here might be in different context but still can you deal with it? zz #bebelsyadindipagihari

goodluck syadin!!!!!!!!!!!

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