Tuesday, March 7, 2017


(quickly writing this since lecture ends a bit early but still need to stay back because after this have this odd lecture but still waiting, probably have a lot of freebies such as free colgate and sensodyne so 🙊🙊)

I'm kind of impressed with my selfie skill

thanks for 11 years of practicing selfie (minus 10years from my age since theres no selfie when I was a kid)

last week early morning breakfast with the other malaysian dental students. I think they are legit nice person, especially when they are willing to wake up early on sunday just for a breakfast hahahaha.
Even I need to restrain myself from sleeping after subuh and end up playing games for 2 hrs because even if I wanted to sleep for one hour, it would end up 4 hrs instead. 

We study at the same dental hospital (except if upper year need to do clinical in other clinics) but we hardly see each other lels. At all. to the extent kak adeela ws me asking if i'm ok and hows my study progressing since we didn't meet and I replied "yes okay at least I'm still alive". Since we haven't meet for so long so there was alot things to chat and sembang sampai we stayed in Malaysian Hall for almost 4 hours

So before this we had dinner when I first came, but last weekend we had breakfast to wish goodluck for Abigail's last year final exam. She already fifth year and almost graduate and theres me...... 1st year *sigh* I love how they always pass down all the files such as revisions or question papers to the lower year it looks like a legacy thingy that revolve only within us lels. 

I remembered our last dinner, they sound sooo dentist using all these complex abbreviations and I, who just arrived for few weeks, didn't understand at all :)) But now I could somehow understand most of what were they talking and laughing as well, it kinds of fun gila to hear their clinical story and I can see myself doing more embarrassing syadin-dumb-and-dumber part 2387956 in clinics. 

We supposed to come in earlier than abigail since we need to write something on her goodluck card but then abigail came earlier than most of us.  And the card lol 😆😆 so when she came I was like hahahahah mission fail and hanya mampu berhuhuhu. So we end up quietly write on the card below the table, in front of abigail (probabyly) without her noticing hahah i crey so cute

I can't imagine myself doing my first extraction 😱😱. I can't imagine myself on the 5th year lol. I cant imagine myself graduate with wrinkles on my face and gray hair *cry inside* So the thought of abigail almost completing her course already make me feel happy and proud for her. All the best and congrats for getting job placement in uk! wuuuuuu 💞

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