Monday, March 27, 2017

QM MNight ended!

I'm going to tell you for 1652839th time MNight dah habis lels

And you know MNight already ended and OSCE is approaching in less than 4 days when I (at laaaaaast after idk how many months) washed my dental tunic, bought clinical shoes online instead of new jackets or tops and bothered to watch "how to use dental chair" video on youtube instead of k-shows (cry inside)

^ Gambar hiasan aka sedapkan hati utk ibu ayah so that they know even though I'm busy with unnecessary things and spend half of my day sleeping (and here updating blog for no reason), I still do some works okies #effortcounts 

So basically, I joined MNight because I felt guilty for being such a hopeless and probably least sociable member in the society looool disebabkan aku yang tercampak jauh daripada main campus ni so I hardly know other ppl except the kmbians. So I (for the first time in forever) persuaded myself ala syadin leklu kejap je MNight tolong sikit sikit sudah. 

So yeah I did exactly what I said hahaha sikit-sikit sudah totally means I'm not the one with lines on stage, but still on the stage but to be exact at the BACK stage hahahaha to be frank I'm not thaaaat helpful until the last week of rehearsal (which was a day after aku habis ICA4). This MNight honestly memang last minute (as what other ppl said) so I was in charge with costume team and settle everything like 3 days before D-day wakaka

I went to Imperial MNight before, wowerz jugak since that was my first MNight show. So, being a backstage crew for the first time ni mcm bukak mata aku to the other side point of view, the hard work and efforts behind of everything. Bak kata omputih behind every successful man, there is a woman gitu so I consider the other teams oso veghy veghy important. Bersempitan di sebalik tabir with phone's flashlight, even nak minum air pun had to be careful kang berbunyi pulak botol kembung kempis lels

They put the background in few seconds and later duduk tepi jampi and berdoa tak tercabut hahahaha aku hanya mampu gelak terguling tgk their reaction lels

To see the improvement from the actor actress from the very first day I saw the act (which was a week before D-day loool) to the day of 2 nights show, I knew it would be amazing. Aku ingat lagi I still had that strong impression how best the Imperial MNight was, and then saw they rehearsed and acted for the first time pastu wonder "seriously...........?" and I was wondering twice should I invite my friend or not lol. But then as time went by, I knew it would be as amazing (or way better as feedback from other ppl) as other MNights. 

Still cannot brain with the lighting on the stage ugh whyy but yes one picture from kmbians 😍

My tun tan cheng lock (when she said she gonna be tun tan cheng lock I literally google in front of her to see if the character is a woman or man lels btw supposed to be a man #infosejsyadin)

Even though I was not on stage, at least my overrrrrrrr-sized floral blouse from Primark went on stage 😂. So ppl dont be as dumb and confident as syaheera tajuddin yang beli baju bajet ingat size and then balik was like "ek ehhhhh that was two size bigger ????!" after dah cabut price tag. 

My favourite scene was the one in the court, because that was sooo musical. So during the last night show iolls so sad bye bye fav scene :(

I know more people now ha-ha-ha 😂So I'm not the most useless ppl at the moment, probably the second or third most useless since I didn't do much either muahahah ppl said they are having withdrawal symptoms and comparing with the work that I've done, I dont really need and deserve to have any symptoms loooool but OSCE this week make things worse 😰😰😰 I just dont have any reasons not to study anymore sobs 

QM MNight wrapped with a great success. 

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