Saturday, April 15, 2017


So today is Aisyah's birthday and ig's feed all full with Aisyah appreciation post wishes. And I couldn't add mine for another one because being me means i dont like being mainstream hahahaha ok this is just another excuse 

I remembered the first time I met adik Aisyah and aisyah was next to her in kmb's kfc and i was like wth seh asal ada dua aisyah ?????? That was mindblown gila hahahah. And I just realized and wondered why there are a lot of aisyah(s) in my life, in btho and seseri I got aisyah habib and then masuk kmb and now studying abroad also got another aisyah kamaludin. I feel like they pass baton. I'm being jinxed by Aisyah(s). People probably think i dont have other friend, ingatkan dua dua ni the same aisyah yang aku spend time from form 2 sampai now dah 21 tahun wow.

But i still insist, if i have daughter in the future i'm not gonna give her name aisyah. Fullstop. Hahahah!

We are just practically different in every sense. She's more outspoken than me and then you know stok stok mulut laser ni dia bantai je semua orang. Debaters yalls. And while there's me mengutuk orang dalam hati instead. Because I don't like the after effects, petty fights, butt hurt. We were deskmates for 2 years, we had the best teamwork ever. I did the thinking part, she would give my answer out loud in the class. THEREFORE, i have shares in most of her answer ok i don't need credits at that time but now i'm lowkey mentioning it lels

She's the king of judging. The first moment she meet new people, she will judge first. Judge yang obvious punya judge, dia akan usha dari atas sampai bawah and her facial expression judging nak mati ah. Aku rasa bawak pergi mandi bunga pun takleh buang that attitude. And me, more to "PBB-like kind of person who love peace", I'll judge diam diam hahahah. 

And the most obvious thing, she was from kisas and I was from seseri 🙊🙊. Geddit? Tak perlu explain kot hahahaha but she never try to kisas-sing me and i couldn't be bothered to seseri-ing her (she already did it by herself anyway so whats the point hahahah) 

Our attempt to be sweet and just see my face yang tak rela omg

But both of us act as if we are tough. But she cries more frequent than me. 

Anyway, mana nak cari kawan yang rela stay with me for another one whole month in London for summer just nak temankan aku and make sure aku tak balik Malaysia sorang this year. Sanggup puasa sini 18 jam when she can actually go back to Malaysia earlier before puasa, but again there's me the painass (ala but anyway she's kisas so why not HAHAHAHHA jk) mana nak cari kawan yang sanggup bayar tickets flight mahal gila compare to org lain sbb again temankan aku. Mana lagi nak cari kawan yang lagi cheapskate or maybe same level of cheapskate as mine hahahah and oso kawan yang sanggup drive dari johor ke selangor sbb nak bawak aku makan hahahaha wth kan mesti org mcm annoying nya syaheera ni??????

When other ppl are pointing fingers on me, there is someone who defend me, yeah that kisas gal.

Ok after reading this post; aisyah at this point i demand for a 3 days return upah drive, fulfill my 3 wishes like aladin, and carikan zauj utk aku ok mungkin kalau kisas carikan dia mujarab sikit hahahaha (i always mess around with her kisas status jk guys memain je!!!)

Ok last but not least that was me quietly walking out of aisyah's life whenever she is embarrassing herself in public. eg: when she tried to order something in starbucks, i just facepalm for whole night 😷😷

friends are friends after all, can't be more can't be less

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