Wednesday, September 20, 2017


Now ady 3rd week of 2nd year, penaaaaaaat. Absolutely bukan penat belajar *cough*, tapi penat settle down yang tak berapa nak settle lagi ni. Finally i moved in!! Physically but not yet spiritually, hati tertinggal dekat msia *cue start drama* *100 episodes* Tapi i'm still in love with my new hse mueheheh maybe sbb cari rumah ni sendiri so the sentimental value over sikit like finally syadin grow up ady my first baby adult step! I did everything from the searching, viewing sampai lah move in 

I. am. so. adult. pls no more immature syadin 👀👀 acahhh

Last week there was this one lecture, and aku datang lambat sikit so the only place available hujung hujung hall gitu. The thing was aku tak dengar and tak faham sepatah habuk lah this invited guest cakap pebenda, i thought it was just me. Probably because of the accent and plus I'm a bit pekak so yeah 😐 Rupanya lepas tanya ppl around me, everyone in my side mmg tak dengar langsung probably because the hall was so big it became echo-ey. 

TIBA TIBA this guest picked student one by one and asked question. Aku dah mcm ah sudah dont you ever pick on meeeeeeeee. Sekali dia makin move ke side aku. Dalam hati aku dah gelabah dah. Luckilyyyy, dia tanya another student who sat next 3 seats from me. Aku mcm phew. I dont know what was the question tapi that boy jawab "I think i'll be upset" 

Sekali dia gerak one step forward, and point at me (unlucky balik), AT MEEEEE OKKK "what about you?"

"........ me?"

Image result for me? gif

"yes, you!"

.................. *5 seconds of silence which also the longest 5 seconds I've ever had in my entireeeee life, i could even mumbling in my mind like shoooooooot shoot whats the question doh adoi kalau tanya balik kantoi tak dengar langsung wth wth

so i just decided to redah with 

"i think i'll be upset, too." 

ok so basically aku just copy org sebelah aku punya jawapan but aku tambah too which (i assume) make a different lels

That was how "too" save my entire day muahaha! 😈

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