Thursday, October 26, 2017

tipah tertipu

I am still amazed at my kemalasan tahap langit ke tujuh when it comes to updating blog.

So basically since last month kot, I've been planning to go to Belfast. The moment I got my timetable, the first thing that I searched; WHEN IS MY FREE DAY?! So yeah ok i dont have reading week (again) so instead i was searching for friday or monday off so I can go jalan jalan on the weekend (thats how desperate I am) (Don't need holiday, weekend also can)

So I found this one week which I (suprisingly) have friday and monday off so 4 hari cuti lah kan, I asap call aisyah weh jom pergi belfast nak!!! Belfast is actually northern part of ireland but still considered UK. The latter part excites me hehehe so I don't have to convert my pound to euro, I can spend money like I plant money in my backyard (which I dont have backyard. And the money too.)

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^ this is me spending my invisible money

Mesti orang lain mcm alahai kuchi kuchi pergi belfast je pun mcm jauh naw, hello sayang ku intan payung I just have a weekend kot which means 2 days if you dont know, nak buat mcm mana ye dok. I still get into flights plus the flight journey tu I'm all alone sobs so my inner self already consider this trip jauh *nods* 

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so 2 days in belfast, and 1 day in dublin muehehehe


When I'm all excited waiting for weekend to come, suddenly wednesday mid of the week everything keeps appearing. Non-stop. Deadlines. Presentation. Meeting. I need to do research for PBL and submit my slides to my groupmates a day after I come back from the trip. And on the same week, another deadline aucak me this morning, aku hanya mampu tersenyum ibarat kambing gurun sahara yang nampak baldi ingat ada air rupanya kosong. Tipu gila you said I have free day on the weekend....................

So at least I got friday off to settle everythaaaaaang, I'll promise myself I wont submit blank slides (kahkah) and to get everything sorted sebagai contoh untuk tak bazir masa and tulis post ni panjang panjang. 

Kalau ada sesiapa yang rasa kepala dia ting tong, ketahuilah harini ada sorang groupmate aku suggest pasang lagu Toxic Britney spears jadi lagu background sepanjang presentation kiteorang yang discuss pasal toxicity 😂😂😂Ketahuilah, anda masih normal.

Iman came all the way from India to London. If this is not love and pren4ever then what is lmao. We finally met after 1 year just whatsapp and facetime -ing each other, which before this we met almost everyday back in college. Already miss clingy Iman! 

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